Draw on your shirt

One huge perk to shopping less (apart from being better for your wallet, the environment and garment workers around the world), you stop looking like everyone else!

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve worn the same H&M or Zara dress/shirt/shoes/etc. I don’t find this embarrassing because growing up with an identical twin, I’m used to looking like someone else. But I still like thinking my style is somewhat unique and not just a slave to trends.

Avoiding the high street shops/the mall, I really am hard-pressed showing up some place dressed the same way, even as Cath!

I also tend to get more compliments on my less trendy clothes. For example, I got this idea stuck in my head that I really wanted to take black pen to a nice crisp white shirt (who doesn’t?). So I bought a $3 white button-up at Goodwill, gave it a wash, and took a fabric-safe black pen from my local art supply store and went to town.

It’s a little weird, and I still haven’t worn it to the office, but it’s one of my favorite things in my closet.

Lar shirt draw

Lar shirt

Lar shirt front

8 thoughts on “Draw on your shirt”

  1. I have never felt the need to draw in my shirt, but love yours! My sewing machine has some fab fancy strich settings, butterflies, glasses, music notes, etc, and I was recently thinking of using then to embellish some of my clothes.

    1. Oh my gosh, Michelle, you totally should! I actually originally got the idea stuck in my head to do this because I saw an embroidered shirt (and thought it was ink). I can’t sew, but if I could, I would try embellishing my clothes that way too.

  2. How cute! I am currently on a shopping diet… for various reasons, and your DIY has definitely inspired me to explore modifying apparel!

    1. Thanks, Laura! You’re so creative, I know you will come up with the most marvelous things!

  3. I freakin’ love it! See, this is something I would never think of doing. You are so creative! I want a Lar-design shirt – and I would totally wear it to work!

    I also really to start shopping secondhand when I need something. Like I’m really low on the blouse front and keep scrolling through Zara.com, H&M, Asos.com – you know, the same old same old. Nothing is inspiring and after a while it all looks the same. I really need to go second hand shopping with you!

    xoxo, Cath

    1. You so sweet, Cath! I always think you are the better second hand shopper! But next time we are together we should embellish some Goodwill shirts you can wear to work! I know what you mean too. I feel like a lot of time when I go shopping online, I don’t feel particularly inspired by what I see. The stuff is pretty and trendy, but doesn’t make my heart sing like a hand-drawn shirt ;D xoxox, Lar

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