Instead of shopping, ogle some art

Kicking off our new series “Instead of shopping” (aka what to do instead of impulse buying), is art! Now before you think “daubs of paint — yawn,” let me explain (with a bit of a preamble):

I am an art history major (also known as the most-employeable degree ever known to humankind! Errr not). I had no intention of becoming an art history major until I sat in on a introductory class my freshman year and just swooned. Not over the beauty (or the fact that it was easier than a International Relations/Spanish Literature major), but because it made life feel bigger, deeper and more wonderful than anything I had studied before.

And even if you aren’t an art major, or even an art fan, what can change your approach to art is learning just a wee bit about what you’re looking at. And you can do this even if you don’t have a museum in your town or can’t find any satisfying art history books in your local library. Here are two great starting points:

Watching Sister Wendy on the youtubes

This beautiful and free art history site called Art History Project

And now what does this have to do with not shopping? Immersing yourself in a new learning experience (specifically one so enticingly visual) will completely trick your brain out of thinking that getting a pair of booties to go with that dress is of the utmost importance (I mean, you can’t beat this guy at the boot game anyways — Karl Lagerfield wishes he came up with those!).

Let me know — did it work? Did you curb your shopping impulses for the moment?

6 thoughts on “Instead of shopping, ogle some art”

  1. Such a great idea for whiling away a few hours without window shopping (and therefore being tempted!). I’m always intrigued by the exhibits at the Vancouver Art Gallery but rarely (i.e. never) go; that might have to change!

    1. We should go together whenever Matt and I make it up to Vancouver! I’m hoping they have tons of Emily Carr (one of my favorite BC artists!).

    1. Thank you so much for getting the more practical degree, Cath. I think mom and dad would have been a little more weary had we both gone with such a lucrative major as art history ;D
      I’m checking out Jeni’s blog right now — sounds so good!

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