Insta Inspiration: Kayla Itsines

On those days that I really, really don’t feel like working out and I need some added motivation, I always turn to Instagram. There are a handful of fitness gurus who constantly inspire me. You guys might be familiar with Kayla Itsines — especially if you use Instagram for fitness inspo too. She’s an Aussie with a massive following that swear by her Bikini Body guides.

I think she, and her followers, all look amazing, but I don’t follow Kayla because I want a “bikini-ready” body. In fact, I haven’t used her guides as of yet (and keep waffling about the idea). I follow her because she also has endometriosis.

I admire anyone who works out and aims to be healthy (because we all know how hard that is), but just having a lovely set of abs or pretty pictures of green juice wouldn’t do it for me. Knowing there are others who work through additional pain and health problems gives me strength to workout even when I’d rather not because I don’t like thinking about my own scars (both physical and emotional) from endo.

I know endometriosis isn’t a universal problem (thank goodness!) but everyone has something they battle with that makes working out harder than it needs to be. We all have our own pain and barriers that make an already arduous task, that much harder. So when you need a little extra encouragement — not to get a bikini body, mind, but to just get your body moving — I highly recommend checking out Kayla if you haven’t already.

Oh and I also follow Kayla because she loves puppies!

A puppy-loving, endometriosis warrior. Double-tap.

4 thoughts on “Insta Inspiration: Kayla Itsines”

  1. So well put! Everyone has struggles. Whenever I see anyone work out (for example: running by me as I stuff my face with fries in my car), I think “Go you!” Working out and eating right is just hard! Even if you’re not dealing with constant pain or depression, etc., it’s hard to make time in our stressful lives for working out. Because, let’s be real, it’s not like you’re just taking 30 mins to 1 hr to work out, you also have to factor the time it takes to get to the gym (if you’re not working out at home), plus showering afterwards. So basically anyone who gets out of bed in the morning is awesome ;P

    I just followed Kayla on IG so I can get my dose of inspiration!

    1. Yes! I do the same thing! Go, you, (you person running on the street or hoofing it in the gym) for getting your trainers on and hauling your body around — it’s not easy for anyone at any point. Before I went to the gym, I really just thought ‘gym people’ had an easier time of it. But that was just a weird construct I had in my head.

      And . puppies!!!!


  2. This is great inspiration, Lar.

    The flip side of thinking all the gym goers have an easier time of it is feeling like you’re the newbie they are secretly judging because you have the lowest settings on the elliptical or you’re doing an easy workout and you’re still out of breath. Have you ever felt that? It took me a little while to rid myself of that self-consciousness and just focus on the fact that anything I do to get moving is better than sitting on the couch with a Netflix marathon. 🙂

    P.S. I responded to your lipstick/lead question in your comment!

    1. Lisa, I know exactly what you mean. The first few times I stepped into our gym (and it’s not a fancy schmancy one by any means), I felt very intimidated. It did help that I had my endo story in my head while I was starting out, so I felt like shouting I HAVE A REASON, EVERYBODY!!! 😀 That said again, everyone does. I would love to walk into a gym with someone just starting out and assuring them not to worry!

      And well said about the couch Netflix marathoning — so true!


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