An update on Cath’s Endometriosis Surgery

Photo by Josh Norem

Dear Readers

Cath’s surgery went really well and she’s wrapped up warm and cozy recovering at my parent’s house in Atlanta. I’m so very grateful to Dr. Sinvervo (the endo specialist and surgeon) and his team for keeping my twinie safe and hopefully curing her of the endo and putting an end to the pain she has had to endure.

Cath’s surgery was on Tuesday and she was on her way home Wednesday afternoon. She’s still feeling pretty sore and tired from both the surgery, antibiotics and drugs, but looking beeeyoootiful (I skyped her yesterday).

I’m sorry this update was so long in coming. I was away on a business trip right as Cath was going in and having a hard time juggling lots of What’s Apping and Skyping while speeding along in a train through the wilds of north west England.

Thank you all for your wonderful prayers and positive/health-ful vibes for Cath’s surgery and speedy recovery! Between you guys and getting her platelets spun (a new technique they do during surgery that quickens healing time), Cath will be on her feet in no time!

Lots and lots of Love,


9 thoughts on “An update on Cath’s Endometriosis Surgery”

  1. I am really happy for Cath! Thanks for the update. Sorry I haven’t been able to write a message sooner, the last days have been rather terrible here. But this is a good news to end this awful week

    1. Hi Céline!

      Oh I can’t imagine how scary the last week has been in Paris — and a very good excuse for not writing sooner.

      I hope you and all your loved ones are safe — our hearts are with you in Paris!


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