A Sunrise in Perthshire

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Cath and I are both on mountain weekend get-aways: she’s in the Blueridge Mountains in Georgia and I’m in the Highlands of Perth in Scotland.

I’ll do a proper post for Monday, but I had to share these misty sunrise photos with you! It was breathtaking in person and my non-existent photography skills don’t do it justice.

I wish you were here to gulp in big lungfuls of this air with me: it is sharp and cold and so clean. And its so quiet here. Once in a while birds twitter, the wind rustles the autumn leaves, the cows moo, but otherwise it’s utter stillness. I think this city girl is turning into a country girl in her old(er) age.

Matt and I are staying in a wee stone cottage complete with a crackling fire, tartan rug and bedrooms tucked under the eaves. I’ll show you more Scottish country twee-dom in Monday’s post!


Dear Cath,

Matt and have gone into serious hibernation mode here in Perthshire. It’s freezing rain most of the day, so we’ve holed up in our roasty, toasty cottage and eaten our way through lots of vegan/gluten-free meals. Gluten-free toast (with coconut oil and manuka honey — soooo good) and lots and lots of roiboos tea.

It’s been getting dark here around 5, so last night we went to bed around 9 pm, as in we were asleep by then! Hence my ability to be up way before sunrise.

Hope you and Troy are having a wonderful time up in the Blueridge Mountains! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip! Are you guys hibernating as well?

LOVE YOU like mountains love mist (they do),



6 thoughts on “A Sunrise in Perthshire”

  1. I’m with Celine! Those photos are amazing! I can’t believe those are your views from where you’re staying. Troy and I had a lovely weekend. It’s beautiful in Blue Ridge, but we didn’t have a sunrise like this!
    What is manuka honey? Do you use the coconut oil like a spread or do you melt it into the toast?
    I’m so glad you two are able to take it easy and go to bed early. Troy and I were so exhausted both nights in the mountains that we fell asleep around 11pm – that’s early for us. I’m sure if the sun set earlier in GA I’d be pushing a 9pm bedtime.
    I can’t wait to see more photos tomorrow!
    Love you like the mist! xoxo, Cath

    1. Thanks so much, Kitcath! I couldn’t believe a sunrise could be so beautiful to a day that was miserable and sleety and rainy. I guess “red sky at dawn.” is so true.
      Can’t wait to see your pics!
      xoxoxox, Lar

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