May in Edinburgh — And It’s Snowing

Snowing in the morning, sunny and beautiful in early afternoon (and all of us scurry out and sit outside — in 50 degree weather), and then it hails again a few hours later. Whoever said Scotland is just rainy is a big fat liar. It does rain, but just as often you’ll have sun (and wind and hail and rainbows). They are all timorous beasties.

So what do you do? You throw on your favorite scarf, cross your fingers, and head out into the belly of the city:

Sly Pete Scarf from Etsy (check out Laura’s fantastic style blog here) • Primark coat • Vintage Coach bag • Madewell skinnies • Hunter boots (on sale!)

I still haven’t gotten over the thrill of sitting on the second level of a double-decker bus (even though it makes me slightly queasy on longer rides). You can see so much of the beautiful city from up there. I always want the bus rides to last forever — I don’t think I’ll ever live in another city where I’ll wish that to be the case:

Book shops and newstands in abundance — two of my favorite things:

We have some friends here who are members of a club (can you guess which club from the subtle clues I left in the photo below?). They invited us to said club for lunch. I felt very Wooster-at-the-Drones-club, except when I was taking covert photos. Real club members don’t do that. Thanks for the invite, S&J!

Post “clubbing” we had to refortify with a slice of cake (and tea):

Then we hopped on another bus and went to a castle! I love castling. I have a whole post dedicated to going to this castle, so I hope you guys like castling too (yes, it’s a verb! — according to me):

Then back home for another delicious bowl of kedgeree (aka British fried rice):

Which we ate while watching the sun set in our apartment around 8:30 pm (the sun now rises at about 5 am — oi, my eyes)!

So the weather here isn’t easy, but who doesn’t like a good challenge? Especially when you have very long spring days, castles, tea, kedgeree, books and leather-arm-chaired clubs to assuage any malcontent at a snowy May.


Dear Cath,

Click on that Drones club link above — it’s Hugh Laurie singing “47 Ginger-Haired Sailors.” I wish he sang in “House” — it would almost cancel out the hypochondria response I have to every episode.

I can’t wait to post the photos of Craigmillar Castle too! I think the day we went (8 years ago!) it was rainy and we didn’t stay long. I remember our trip to Linlithgow’s castle better. But Craigmillar has plenty of twisty staircases and hidden hallways to remind me why we did so much castling as students.

I hope you are having a good week so far! I misssss you!!!



9 thoughts on “May in Edinburgh — And It’s Snowing”

  1. How are you more stylish than me in such bad weather? We’ve had lots of sunny days and I’m so bored with my wardrobe I just wear a lot of skinny ankle jeans with tshirts. Blah.

    I remember Craigmillar Castle! Did we go there with Izzy? Or am I completely making that up? I can’t believe that was 8 years ago!

    I’m always surprised that they don’t show off Hugh Laurie’s talents in House. And I wish Stephen Fry would make a guest appearance!

    love seeing all that you are doing! and of course missing you in the process!
    love, cath

  2. I would LOVE to go a-castling and a-kedgereeing ANYTIME! I also wouldn’t say no to some poppy seed cake with lemon curd. I had a mad craving for swiss rolls with custard or lemon curd this weekend, but my husband has never had swiss rolls before, so he protested against custard or curd, and I had to settle for jam instead. Seeing your slice of delicious cake makes me wish I made curd instead! GAH. And how cutely do you wear Sly Pete! You make him look super adorably cute 🙂

    1. Good question, WG! I am beginning to have my doubts. The Scots say its summer when it is roughly 60 degrees. It sometimes gets that “hot” in July or August.

      I now understand why they need a month off here to go bake in the sun in Spain. I’m totally following suite 😉

  3. I know it’s something like 80 degrees here now, but I HAVE TO HAVE THAT FOX SCARF. It is so adorable, I squealed. I went to the etsy site and did not see it – Bummed. Loving the blog 🙂

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