Dressing Like a Danish Crime Detective

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The Danish television crime drama “The Killing” hasn’t made it stateside, but British readers probably know the show and will roll their eyes at hearing yet again about Sarah Lund’s famous jumpers (that’s “sweaters” for you/us Americans).

I’m not a huge fan of crime detective shows unless it’s quaint or period (e.g. “Pushing Daisies” or “Poirot”). Too much crazy psychopath nonsense gives me the hibbie jibbies. But “The Killing” is totally worth the mind-shivers because of its kick-ass, female lead who wears these awesome sweaters/jumpers:

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Sarah Lund (see above right) is the crime-solving Danish bad ass/leading lady in “The Killing.” Her character isn’t Carrie Bradshaw. She wears the same sweater/jumper nearly every episode (she has 2-3 she rotates in the first two seasons), but it’s because of these sweaters that she has become a style icon. In fact The Guardian listed her as #1 on their best dressed celeb list of 2011.

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You might be thinking “Sweater, schmeater (or jumper, schwumper) — who cares?! Wearing a woolly knitted pattern on your torso does not a style icon make.” I think it goes something like this: It’s winter time and cold and windy. You wear lots of layers, but still walk around shivering. You know why? Cuz you don’t have a 100% Danish wool jumper that not only keeps you warm, but makes you feel like an intensely-focused, crime-kicking lady detective that doesn’t care what others think. In fact, you care so little, you wear the same outfit for 10 days straight without showering. It’s the ultimate in I-don’t-give-a-s*&t clothing. And who doesn’t want more of that in their closet/lives?

I’m still taking showers regularly and have only worn my sweater once, but, yes-indeedy, I now own what I call my “Sarah Lund Jumper” for those days when I feel like “ooo sooo cold {shake, shake}” and need to feel like “F*&%, the cold and that stupid guy who cut me off in line at Tesco!”

Here I am in all my bad-assery. Yeah, I’d scare the pants off all those bad guys:

I got this 100% wool, Danish jumper at a lovely vintage shop here in Edinburgh called Godiva for £25. Mine is real-deal Danish wool, but it’s not the actual sweater/jumper Sarah Lund wears. Lund has a $300 version by Gudrun & Gudrun. It’s self-cleaning and much softer than my itchy wooly job, but I think you can kick ass in either version.

So ladies and gents, lesson learned today: buy a crime-fighting jumper and you too can run after bad guys and solve intricate crimes or, you know, at least give that Tesco line-cutter guy the evil eye with Danish aplomb.


Dear Cath,

I’m so bummed we didn’t get to watch this together when you were here. I still hope you guys can get your hands on a copy! I wonder if the sweater would work as well in Atlanta. Even in the winter I think the humidity would take down anyone wearing a Scandinavian jumper faster than any psychopathic serial killer, so maybe don’t try this until you come visit me again.

Skypie date this weekend?




13 thoughts on “Dressing Like a Danish Crime Detective”

  1. I’m so excited you finally posted some photos of the sweater – you look amazing in it! I totally want once, but you’re probably right about it not being practical for Atlanta winters. Although it is cold today – 30 degrees outside this morning!

    I was trying to find the Danish version of The Killing, but it’s only available on DVD for UK DVD players. There’s an American version of The Killing on AMC, but I have yet to watch it. Plus, it looks like the main character just wears boring sweaters. Boo.

    Just save all the episodes for me when I come in the summer!

    love, cath

    1. I’ll definitely save them, Kitcath! You’ll be so inspired you’ll want to wear my Sarah Lund sweater when you get back to Hotlanta 😉
      Sooooo glad that I get to see you again! I miss you soooooo mucho!

  2. I had never had of self-cleaning wool, so I immediately had to nerd out and look it up on the internet. It is so cool. I also have a big wooly jumper (sweater) that I only get to wear about once a year in New Orleans because it’s so hot and humid. I am so thankful for it on those days when it’s cold though.

  3. Those sweaters look so cozy and warm, maybe I ought to invest in a few myself! Looks like a really interesting show. too bad I live in Canada, eh?


  4. Self cleaning jumper?! I don’t quite understand the concept but it sounds interesting. That jumper sure looks cosy, such a nice find! It’s freezing now but I can imagine Edinburgh is reaching crazy temperatures!

  5. I’ve never heard of this show but I dont think I’ll be able to look at one of those sweaters again without thinking of it!

    Loved all of your photos from France!

  6. I love that sweater! And it’s even better that it has a “crime fighting” background story – lol. it’s nice to see a tv show too with a female lead that’s a strong character but not necessarily the usual sexpot you see that comes with the territory (lara croft anyone?).

    Wool can be soo incredibly itchy – i don’t know how you can stand it! I bought a cute yellow wool sweater at a market sale but it’s so itchy that I haven’t worn it yet.

    1. I totally agree, Liv! There were other characters on the show who were much more glamorous than Sarah Lund, but you just wanted to watch her and all her awesome crime-fightingness.

      Oh and I agree about the itchiness of wool. I’ve been wearing a thermal long-sleeved tee under this sweater — makes all the difference.

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