Scarlett O’Hara and I Have A Lot in Common

On Lar/moi: cami from Rockit Boutique • mesh shirt thrifted • Zara skirt • old gladiator sandals from a trip to Florence • gifted Michele watch • BCBG OMG bracelet • curtain swag from Hancock Fabrics

Hi guys! It’s Friday! Yippee yeah! Lots of things to be excited about: Cath has been away all week – le sigh – but she’s coming back tonight! Plus we’re just about to jet to the airport to pick up my in-laws who are coming in from Sudan!

Before I go here’s a quick list of how Scar-Oh and I are alike:
1) We both live in Georgia
2) We both like flouncy dresses and big hats (who doesn’t)
3) We can both arch our right eye-brow pretty effectively.
4) We both wear window dressings on our persons. That ropey thing I have around my neck is actually something to sweep a heavy drape off to the side of a window. I bought it to wear with my (not-yet-purchased) all white summery ensembles – the kind that I usually am scared to wear because I know I’ll inadvertently sit in a pile of dirt 15 minutes after I put it on. So for now off-white and pink ensembles will have to do. Maybe one day I’ll graduate to wearing the whole curtain – white instead of green velvet.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, lovelies!!!

Lar’s Four Eyes

I’m nearly legally blind without my goggles on. I much prefer my contacts, but during the spring and summer in Atlanta there is some allergen in the air that makes my eyes and contacts kung fu each other.

I know frames are trendy now, but no matter how popular they become, I won’t like glasses on me (love them on other people though). The pair I wear now are my favorite ever because they are almost non-existent. But they don’t fool me. I can still see you, you skinny feather-weight-ified frames that constantly slip down my nose and make going down stairs tricky (fuzzy peripheral vision sucks). I want to rip them of my face and stomp them into little shards – except my foot would probably miss the glasses because I wouldn’t be able to see the darn things. Damn you, lack of depth perception!

Anywhoddle, I usually take the things off before I take a photo: 1) because I’m vain (and don’t like the way they look on moi) and 2) there’s a glare issue. Both bad reason. So I figured I’d keep them on this go round.

(See how the photo below is fuzzy? I wish my eyes were that good without my glasses!)

These made up for the glasses today:

On Lar: DIY cut-up thrifted man’s shirt • Citizens of Humanity skirt • Madewell necklace • Silvia Tcherassi for Payless shoes

p.s. Thank you guys for all the sweet comments on the last post! It truly made me think, maybe I can do more of this. Xoxoxo, Lar

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Stylist!

I usually like being a graphic designer by day and a blogger by night, but sometimes I feel like I live my life by the unnatural glow of a computer screen. I’m sure a lot of you can relate!

The thing is, I miss creating things with my hands (drawings, paintings, props, etc.) and I’ve been yearning to break out of my computer rut for a few years now. I’ve been dreaming of being a stylist (you know like  Tim Walker or Annette Joseph). I need to start as a stylist’s lacky – schlepping around furniture and props – and learn how to create an enticing world, communicated in a few photographs.

This past weekend, my uber-talented wedding photographer Aharon Hill asked me to style an inspiration wedding shoot (faux couple, faux wedding). I didn’t want to do the usual rustic charm wedding (barn, chalkboards, bunting, ball jars) – very sweet, but I wanted to try something a bit different. I took my inspiration from one of my all time favorite movies:

We had no budget and only 12 days or so to coordinate an Out of Africa wedding. I started sketching ideas and pulling together props, and Aharon roped some great vendors into helping us. (Below: my props took up a good part of my dining room and the entire interior of my car).

Finding a couple to be our Karen and Dennis was a little tricky, as was making a wedding cake appear, and telling Georgia to look like Kenya (“Less kudzu, more lions in the grass!”), but here are the result (see more photos on Aharon’s blog):

Photography: Aharon Hill
Styling: Lar
Location: The Wren’s Nest, Atlanta, GA
Flowers: Gardenia Floral Design
Paper goods: Calliespondence
Caligraphy: Carol Gray Calligraphy
Wedding cake: Miss Mamie’s Cupcakes, Cakes and Such
Models: Jackelyn and Miguel

Ducks and Dogs

Hello lovely readers! Cath here. It’s been a while. Lar has been wonderfully blogging away while I’ve been painting and reorganizing my house. Well, the painting is done in the living room and kitchen, but I’m afraid the organizing will take a while. The good news is I think I can juggle blogging and organizing much better than blogging and painting.

This weekend has been a busy one. Those of you that follow us on Twitter know that Lar styled a shoot with her wedding photographer, Aharon Hill. I came along as Lar’s assistant/intern/lackey. It was hard work and Lar is definitely much more cut out for the work than I am, but at the end of the day we had so much fun turning a green patch of grass into a romantic African safari. We promise to link you over to Aharon’s site once the first few shots are up. I can’t wait to see them.

The photos in this post are actually from last weekend when we sweated a whole lot less than we did today. The weather last week almost felt like spring so I took a break from painting/organizing and met up with Lar – and Boo Radley – at Duck’s Cosmic Kitchen.

Lar wore her Walgreen’s straw fedora, her new dress from Squash Blossom and Jeffrey Campbell boots. (Sorry for the blurriness. We used my phone to take photos and the camera lense never stays clean in my purse).

I wore my AsianCajuns necklace, Madwell top, UO denim shorts, Target belt and faux-Ray Bans that I got for free years ago at some event.

There are so many great dog-friendly places in Atlanta. The owners of Duck’s love dogs and always bring out a bowl of water and a biscuit for our pups.

Look how happy Boo Radley is after a morning at Ducks:

I hope you all are enjoying your weekends and staying cool with plenty of pool parties, iced tea, and lots of lounging around on shaded patios.

(Had to throw in this last photo of Boo. Lar caught him looking up at her as she was munching on her brunch).

Foodie Outfits

On Cath: My Name necklace (Cath got us each an AsianCajun necklace for our bday! Thanks, Kitcath!) • thrifted top from Finders KeepersFrye shoes

On Lar: LNA dress • French Connection for Sears vest • necklace from Squash Blossom boutique • Unleashed shoes


At least once a week Cath and I, our menfolk and our local foodie blogger meet up at Miso Izakaya.  This seems a little extravagant – not that Miso is too pricey, just definitely more costly than beans and rice at home – but Cath and I love good food. So these photos are taken at our favorite watering hole.

If I didn’t have such a wimpy stomach, I would weigh at least 80-100 more pounds than I do today. I especially love desserts. I wanted to be a pastry chef after my dreams of being a ballerina soured when I was 17 (Can’t dance?  Chocolate and butter sound better anyway!). And ever since I was a wee lass, I’ve taken copious photos of what I eat, especially when I travel. Even before digital cameras I would come back from a trip with hundreds of photos displaying heaping plates of deliciousness. Goes without saying, but: nom, nom, nommmmm.

Lar’s Scandinavian Knit

Okay, first off, let me warn you, this is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. This knitted top/dress kind of looks like something that belongs over a neon, high-cut bikini from 1982. on the beach. seeing as it’s, you know, see-through.

But just give it a second look. See how clean and minimal it looks with khaki and black? Notice the overabundant ventilation holes (key to any deep South summer)? See how it’s kind of a neutral but with added texture?

On Lar/Moi: thrfited knitted top • Ashley Watson recycled leather purse • Zeebra bra (so comfy and lots of coverage) • AE shorts • Mango shoes • BCBG ring and OMG! bracelet • Kristen Coffin rings

Also, I got it for $12 at Rag-o-rama! That day I took my closet purge goodies to Rag-o-rama, I thought I would just have myself a little look (I know I’m supposed to be cleaning out my closet, but this folds up real small – I promise!). For you see, I’m not the first person to think this whole knitted top thing looks good. In fact I stole the idea from a bunch of Scandinavian girls’ closets and the Isabel Marant Spring 2011 show.

Scan girls: Elin KlingEmma ElwinAfter Drk

And this is how the Isabel Marant girls wore it. I promise to never think this knit is so awesome (or I am) that I can wear it the way girlfriend #2 has it. I’ll save that for the professionals:

So tell me, did I convince you? Would you wear something like this or do you think I’m just nuts?

The Classic Cath Office Outfit

I know it’s kind of crappy to start thinking about the work week on Sunday, but doesn’t that always happen? It starts creeping in early afternoon, but doesn’t become obnoxious until 4 or 5 pm (“Your weekend is almost over- ahhhh!!! Do something quick! Reverse time! No! Extend time!”). Usually by 8 pm on Sunday night, I’m a grumpy mess. One of the only ways to combat the Sunday grumps (apart from ice cream and West Wing reruns), is having a good outfit picked out for Monday morning.

Cath always inspires me to dress better at work. My office is really informal, and unless I have a client meeting, I could roll in wearing jeans and a T-shirt. But I always feel less focused and kind of schleppy when I do. Whenever I see Cath for lunch, I always think “ooo I should have totally dressed like that.”

A classic summer office outfit for her is a gorgeous blouse (sleeveless for Atlanta summers), a simple skirt, and beautiful shoes.

On Cath: top from Barney’s swiped for free at a clothing swap • skirt is Limited • shoes Seychelles

Cath also manages to look chic and elegant on a teeny tiny budget. You’re my hero, Kitcath!

If I had all the money in the world (or just, you know, a few more thousand), I would by Cath all this stuff from Current Elliot and Equipment – a little more work week inspiration for ya:

Lar’s Texas Tuxedo

On Lar: DIY thrifted shirt • Gap skirt • Zucca bag • Capezio flats • Ann Finley bracelet • Kristen Coffin via Etsy rings

Happy Friday, everyone!!! Tell me about your fun plans for the weekend. Cath and I will be living vicariously through you because we’re spending the weekend working on different projects. Cath is painting all the trim in her house, and I’ll be purging the rest of my house and scheduling appointments before our departure to Scotland. Not fun, but totally necessary things – all of which I’m bad at. I used to be so type A, I think I’ve slipped to type B- as I’ve aged.

Oh one exciting thing I’ll be doing this weekend is getting together a styling project with my wedding photographer Aharon Hill. We are shooting an inspiration wedding editorial next weekend, and I get to be the stylist- yippee! I’ll be sketching and pulling together pieces all week. I’ll make sure to take some photos and see if you guys can guess the theme of the shoot (hint: our faux wedding couple will be dressed like Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in a certain movie they made together). Any guesses?

A New Boutique – and Look at Their Shoes!

Aren’t these shoes gahhhhhh? They are from a new boutique in our lovely Decatur. Cath and I write for the Decatur tourism blog every once and a while, and the Cath’s latest post is all about Spotlight Boutique and their shoes!

I know I’m supposed to be getting rid of things (and I did just donate all my closet purge stuff today), but these shoes are so tempting. Great for walking Edinburgh’s cobbled, rain-slicked streets and hiking in the Highlands, no?

Speaking of closet purges, thanks for all genius ideas in your comments from the last post. I’ll get in touch with all you local ladies soon about a clothing swap – great idea! Cath and I will hatch a plan.

Lar’s Closet Purge

So before I can hoof it over the Atlantic to my new home in Scotland there are some things to do (apart from not thinking about leaving my twinie, and the rest of my fam and friends).

It turns out that we will be carrying everything we need in Edinburgh in two medium-sized suitcases each. Going by my current closet status, I can fit my boots in one suitcase, my sweaters in another, jackets in the third, tees and blouses in the fourth, and because I’m a generous wifey person, I’ll give Matt a quarter of the fourth suitcase for his clothes. He doesn’t need shoes.

Okay, okay, okay, so I have to clean out my closet. Like whoa. So I purged last weekend. I’m bad at it. I think about it for weeks, grumble about having to do it, and cry a little over my favorite worn out boots that won’t last a week in Scottish rain. It’s silly to get sentimental about things. They don’t matter! I’ll be in one of my most favorite countries with my awesome mans. Awesome! Lovely! Beautiful! I can smell the fresh Scottish air now – ahhhhhgahhh, I have to give away the pink cowboy boots to?!!

Done and done. Most will be going to Rag-o-Rama and Good Will. Reduce and reuse! Once it’s done, it feels good. I still have another wave of purging to go: I won’t need my summer clothes for the next few years and I have one two many coats. But for now, it’s a start, and Matt can have at least one suitcase all to himself.

What are your tips, readers? How do you go about culling your closet? How often do you do it and what’s your method?