Scarlett O’Hara and I Have A Lot in Common

On Lar/moi: cami from Rockit Boutique • mesh shirt thrifted • Zara skirt • old gladiator sandals from a trip to Florence • gifted Michele watch • BCBG OMG bracelet • curtain swag from Hancock Fabrics

Hi guys! It’s Friday! Yippee yeah! Lots of things to be excited about: Cath has been away all week – le sigh – but she’s coming back tonight! Plus we’re just about to jet to the airport to pick up my in-laws who are coming in from Sudan!

Before I go here’s a quick list of how Scar-Oh and I are alike:
1) We both live in Georgia
2) We both like flouncy dresses and big hats (who doesn’t)
3) We can both arch our right eye-brow pretty effectively.
4) We both wear window dressings on our persons. That ropey thing I have around my neck is actually something to sweep a heavy drape off to the side of a window. I bought it to wear with my (not-yet-purchased) all white summery ensembles – the kind that I usually am scared to wear because I know I’ll inadvertently sit in a pile of dirt 15 minutes after I put it on. So for now off-white and pink ensembles will have to do. Maybe one day I’ll graduate to wearing the whole curtain – white instead of green velvet.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, lovelies!!!

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10 Responses to “Scarlett O’Hara and I Have A Lot in Common”

  1. Windsor Grace Says:

    I love that bracelet, I need something that says OMG. I guess Scarlett Ohara and I also have a lot in common. Thank you for pointing those things out (and you and I have a lot in common as well).


    AsianCajuns Reply:

    Don’t you just love being strong Southern ladies, WG? ;)


  2. anh Says:

    awesome curtain tieback necklace!


  3. Mae Lu Says:

    You forgot that you and Scarlett O will have one more aspect in common: pretty soon you will both hail from the UK (the actress was British!).


    I want that bracelet.

    You kill me with your steez. You are so awesome.


    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!


    AsianCajuns Reply:

    You are so right, Mae!!! I looove Vivian Leigh and I love the fact that an Irish woman could play a Southern Belle so well.
    Yes! Sudan! They’ve leaved there for the last two years (and all around the world the last 25 years) – and they are finally retiring from the foreign service. Crazy, right?


  4. laura Says:

    I love it!:) haha. I was just about to ask what that necklace you were wearing was, and then I read on! How clever!


  5. Bunkie Says:

    Scarlett would be proud.


  6. Emma Says:

    I am completely loving this look! The mesh top is fabulous!


  7. Snapshot Fashion Says:

    LOVE THIS LOOK! i <3 anything (and everything) pink!


  8. Asian Cajuns Says:

    […] you guys remember Lar blogging about this necklace? She diy-ed it from a curtain tie and I love it. That and her Derek Lam jacket (she wore it here) […]

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