If Dorothy Draper Lived in a Bird House

Cath and I designed a birdhouse for this Sunday’s Solarium Patio Party auction.* Doesn’t that sound fancy?! Well, the party certainly is, but not the AsianCajuns. So we had to bring the fancy to our birdhouse in the form of Dorothy Draper (over-the-top interior designer extraordinaire)!

Here’s a photo of the fancy lady herself:

The key to painting a birdhouse a la DD? Don’t hold back on color, gilt, and pattern. I sure hope there are some more-is-more birds out there. I’d be so embarrassed if our birdhouse sat on the market, ignored by cardinals and finches in search of beige siding.

Above: the Dorothy Draper birdhouse. Below: Dorothy Draper’s actual designs (most of these images are from the Dorothy Draper Exhibit in New York).

I love her exuberance, don’t you? Big and bold and color everywhere. I’m sure some of you are wishing for a beige-y Restoration Hardware catalog about right now – and I can totally understand that. I’m not sure I could actually live in a DD house, but I sure hope our winged friends can!

What do you guys have on tap for the weekend? Patio parties? Birdhouse painting? Do tell!



*Proceeds from the auction support The Solarium in Oakhurst. Purchase your Patio Party tickets here!

8 thoughts on “If Dorothy Draper Lived in a Bird House”

  1. I love all the color and I can’t believe I haven’t heard of her before. I don’t have any white rooms in my whole house and my color schemes tend to start out with three or four options and go from there. Good luck snagging a buyer!

  2. I want to live in that house.

    I’m not good with infusing color into my home. Everything we have is black/white/creme/neutral. It’s only the walls in our home that give color, and we didn’t even paint our condo, my sister in law did. 🙁

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  3. wonderful post. i’ve missed you girls. haven’t been that active on the blogging front but now im back in business.
    Hope you’re having a good week
    take care

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