Our Royal Wedding (Experience)

We arrived in our Rolls of course (silly how our chauffeur forgot to take those brochures out of the driver door), red carpet rolled out, Kate and Wills sooo excited we had finally made it. I’m sure you guys caught it all on TV.

Okay, okay, the real life version: we got to the party at Piedmont Park a little past 6 am (we watched Kate walk down the aisle, bleary-eyed, from home). We had a sniff at some beautiful wedding flowers:

We tried on hats made by our local Grand Diva:

Drank champagne (more of those Sally Hansen strips on our nails- I’m totally hooked):

We watched the wedding via flat screen around the tent. Our beautiful hostess from The Piedmont Park Conservatory, announced raffle prizes while Kate and Wills rode to Buckingham Palace:

My absolute favorite part of the morning? The head sommelier from the St. Regis sabered the champagne when Wills and Kate had their first kiss on the balcony! And! They used the same champagne that the royal family had at breakfast – and we got a glass to ourselves. nomnombubbles.

Then we piled back into our Rolls Royce, told Jeeves to hurry over to Buckingham so we could catch the rest of the activities in person, and lived happily ever after

We aren’t big Disney princess girls, but a little bit of real life fairy tale never hurt anyone, eh?

Did you guys watch? Tell us what you did!



AsianCajuns Love You. . . and Waris Ahluwalia

For the past week Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Atlanta has been hosting SCADStyle – a series of events that includes lectures, workshops and exhibitions celebrating style. The Sart was in town on Monday, which we unfortunately missed, but we made it to the lecture given by Waris Ahluwalia – jewelry designer, CFDA nominee, actor, purveyor of fine teas and all around Renaissance man.

Does he look familiar to you? If so, you’ve either seen The Life Aquatic, The Inside Man, The Darjeeling Limited or I Am Love. Or maybe you’ve read about his jewelry company, House of Waris. Or his collaboration line, Waris Loves You.

Waris talked about his evolution as a jewelry designer, his love of handmade objects and the craft of jewelry making. He spends most of the year in India and Europe working on his jewelry, but New York is his home – lucky guy. He’s very dapper, which is not surprising since he’s been voted best dressed by GQ and Vanity Fair. I love how he combined his dusty, dark blue trousers and blazer with pink dessert boots.

Lar and I were inspired by his style and confidence in his vision. We took notes throughout the lecture and passed notes back and forth to each other with things like, “Look at his boots!!!” “Where did he get his start up money?” “Where do you think he bought his boots?” “How inspiring!”

The lecture was finished off with this short video he originally shot for Style.com:


And no fashion celeb evening would be complete without an embarrassing photo request. And just for the record, Waris was all smiles and friendliness the whole night. I know he doesn’t look overjoyed in the photo with us – just like The Sart and Lar’s photo – but we figure celebs have to give off a serious vibe in their photos to be considered legit. At least that’s what I tell myself.

A big thanks to Waris for braving the Atlanta tornado weather and answering my two-part question!

Three Cheers for Atlanta’s Flux Project Founder

Photo courtesy of Huffines PR

Lar and I are bummed we can’t make it to the Nexus Awards this year. Anything that supports local artists in Atlanta is our jam. That’s why instead of an outfit post, I wanted to do a quick write-up about the award. Atlanta Contemporary Art Center annually honors an individual who has made a profound contribution to contemporary visual art. This year the award goes to Louis Corrigan, the founder of Flux Project. Hip, hip, hurrah!

What is Flux Project? It’s an amazing program that presents year-round public art in Atlanta. That includes everything from outdoor dance performances to video installations to sculptures in public parks. My favorite project so far was Lima Lives! It featured a projection of a running zebra on the sides of buildings around town for a week in honor of a zebra that broke free from the Ringling Bros Circus in Atlanta last year. Lima even made it to Decatur at one point.

The next Flux Project, Rise Up, is a public art installation in Freedom Park featuring a sculpture made of borrowed ladders. I can’t wait to go check it out. Maybe Lar and I can get some good outfit shots by it.

And while I’m on the subject of art, the Inman Park Festival and Atlanta Film Festival are this weekend, which means the Decatur Arts Festival isn’t far off. One of the best things about living in Atlanta in the spring is all the festivals. There isn’t one spring weekend where Atlantans can complain about having nothing to do. If you get a chance to attend the Nexus Awards or any one of the upcoming festivals, drop us a line. Maybe we’ll run into you!

Warning: for those of you who are not anglophiles, hate the idea of royalty, find the hype around the royal wedding pointless, and are all around just a bitter person, do NOT read the post script.

PS: Lar and I just bought some brilliant headpieces (for $10!!!!) to wear to the Royal Wedding shindig at Piedmont Park bright and early tomorrow morning. We’re so excited!!! The official wedding program is available now. Apparently Catherine and her soon-to-be-father-in-law, Prince Charles, spent quite a while picking out the music, which will include a piece by Vaughan Williams – one of my all time favorite composers. For more information, check out the official Royal Wedding website.

Atlanta’s Sartorialist

New York (and Milan and Paris and London) may have Scott Schuman, but we have C of Atlanta Street Fashion. We had the pleasure of meeting him for drinks at Leon’s this past Saturday and then doing a mini-street style photoshoot on the square in downtown Decatur. You can see our full ATL sartorialist photos here.

Local fashionistas, keep a look out for this dapper man around town, and let us know if you are featured on his blog!

Whilst imbibing and noshing at Leon’s, we thought we would capture our rather professional looking nails. Cath and I are both trying to budget and save, so we haven’t had a real manicure in a while. Instead we picked up some of those Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips. And they make it look like I can actually do my nails! They are so easy to use! I’m usually a mess with nail polish (I never take close ups of my hands for that reason ;)), but these make me look like I’m a pro – or I at least paid a pro to do it.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, Sally Hansen is not a sponsor or paid us to review their product. We’re just mentioning them here because I’m pleased as punch that I can have nice looking nails for over a week without paying $15-$20. Have you guys tried them yet?

Hope you are having a great week, lovelies! Stay tuned, we’ll have a lulus.com giveaway before the weekend hits!



We Are Going to the Royal Wedding. . . In Atlanta!!!

When: April 29 • 6 am-1 pm
Where: Westminster Abbey, London The Legacy Fountain at Piedmont Park, Atlanta
Who: The Piedmont Park Conservatory, you and us!
Why: Because even though our crush on William has long since faded, we are now loving Kate and Wills together. Oh and telling work we have a friend’s wedding to go to. Friday morning. Champagne cocktails. Feathered hats.
Tickets: $30 includes admission, champagne cocktails, brunch, raffles (win a tea at the Ritz and more!), partying with like-minded folks who love British Royalty and don’t have to pay British taxes to enjoy the pomp and circumstance. Get your tickets here.

Shockingly, Kate and William forgot to add The AsianCajuns to their guest list. The cheek! But no matter. We are going to an even better party here in Atlanta at Piedmont Park. (For you non-locals, Piedmont Park is like Atlanta’s Central Park).

The nonprofit Piedmont Park Conservancy is throwing this royal shindig, conveniently located on this side of the Atlantic! So on April 29 from 6 am-1 pm, Atlantans will be sipping our morning champagne cocktails and brunching as the Prince and Princess tie the knot. And we get to watch the whole thing in real time on eight giant flat screens around a gorgeous tent set up by The Legacy Fountain in the park.

So are you guys coming? Please say you’ll join us! We want to wear big British hats with you at 6 in the morning and talk about how we used to dream about marrying Prince William when we were 13.

If Kate and Wills had decided to actually marry in the ATL (which why they would choose Westminster over us, I have no idea), this is what their wedding at Piedmont park would have looked like (below). See, Kate, no rain.

The ladies at Piedmont Park Conservatory totally encourage you to wear your comfy clothes so early in the morning, but Cath and I have wanted an excuse to wear awesome wedding/church hats for a while now. We’re using the bride as inspiration (isn’t she lovely?):

And being the good Anglophiles that we are, Cath and I love kitschy memorabilia especially when it’s this cute:

Tea towel by Gema Correll for To Dry For. Best tea towel ever!! We hope we can get one stateside.

We hope you guys can join us for the Royal Wedding/ATL style!!! Let us know if you’re coming!




Well really just one puppy. Sorry to get you excited with the plural. But isn’t he soooo cute???

And he isn’t really ours. He stumbled up onto our porch yesterday and we got to keep him and feed him and watch him pee on the floor a lot for about 48 hours.

So why the hell am I killing you guys with obnoxious-chain-email-like images of cuteness? Well, it kind of explains why AC has been a little quiet lately. Just when I think things are settling down at work or I think I’m used to the fact that I’m married (What?! Oh right. Wait, me?!) and living in a new neighborhood, something like this happens. Puppies on the porch.

Matt and I have spent the last few weeks meshing my (very girlie) stuff with his (very grad student) stuff, while working over-time at work and making future plans. Exciting stuff for sure (sorry to sound like a debbie downer over fun stuff), but stressful!

So I was kind of stressed out over this fella. We are already looking for new owners for our adorable doggie Toby (sniffles) because Matt and I will be moving early fall (have I mentioned that yet?). So we couldn’t take in another pup even though it breaks my heart not to.

My new neighborhood has a ton of strays. Well, that’s the tricky part, they aren’t really strays. They belong to families who might not be so inclined to take care of a litter of pups, or they can’t afford to. This afternoon, just after my little photo shoot with the puppy, a little boy in the neighborhood knocked on the door and said it was his uncle’s dog’s puppy, so we had to give him back and hope for the best.

(Above) that big head to the right belongs to our rescue Toby. He was sooo excited to have a new playmate.

Sorry, is this too depressing a story for a Friday? I promise we have some good things in store for the rest of the weekend like a giveaway and a Kate and William party! So I leave you with one more cute puppy photo for the road:

Small? Yes! Cool? Hopefully!

Hello dearest AsianCajuns readers! Did you think Lar and I had totally fallen off the face of the earth blogosphere? My deepest apologies! Our lack of blogging was due to a mix of post wedding craziness (who knew that existed?!), settling Lar in her new house, friends in town, going out of town, and lots of work, work, work, work. Things are quieting down now, which is good because I’ve been going through blogging withdrawal. It feels good to be back, reading your blogs and comments.

Now on to the point of this post. I’ve entered my little studio apartment in Apartment Therapy’s Small/Cool contest! It might not sound that exciting, but I’m a bit obsessed with Apartment Therapy and follow the Small/Cool contest closely every year. So even just seeing my studio on the Apartment Therapy website makes me over-the-top giddy. You can see my full entry here.

Entries have to include five photographs of the apartment/condo and a floor plan. Lar helped me clean and style my apartment for the amazing photos that Troy took. Of course we took a lot more than five photos, so I’m including some of the images that didn’t make it into my entry – like the close up photo of Jacques Rock Star (a prezie from Lar 13 years ago) above.

I ended up not including any photos of my closet or bathroom in my entry, which was probably for the best because
1.) no matter how much I reorganize my closet, it still looks messy and chaotic
2.) my bathroom is so tiny that it’s pretty much impossible to get a good photo of it. Troy was precariously perched on the tub when he took this one:

If I had planned on living in my studio for longer than a year, I’m moving out in a month, I would have painted the closet a dark, dusty blue/gray. Instead I kept the ugly, masking tape yellow that was painted on all the walls by the property management company right before I moved in:

I wanted to include this photo of the kitchen in the entry, but finally decided to use another one that looked less cluttered. Unfortunately none of my entry photos really show off my love of books – you can see a sliver of my bookcases the photo on the left:

And of course I still have my invisible bookshelves and jewelry board that I’ve had in my last 3 apartments – I wrote about them here in 2007.

And because I want to brag a little bit more about Lar’s styling skills, here’s what my couch area looked like before setting up the space for the photo:

Here’s what it looks like after Lar works her magic:

So thank you soooo much Lar and Troy – I would never have entered without help from both of you!

And thank you to any of you lovely readers who vote for me on Apartment Therapy. The apartment with the most favorites wins – here’s hoping!


Sunday with our Blogger BFF

Have you guys met Mae yet (see her blog Thereafterish if you haven’t)? Cath and I were over-the-moon when she wrote us a few months back to let us know she would be in Decatur for a wedding – all the way from Detroit.

We only had a few hours for our fashion blogger meet up last Saturday, so we decided to take Mae on a mini whirlwind tour of Decatur. Check out her amazing post on the afternoon here.

First stop: Leon’s for some delicious food and drinks.

Next stop: Squash Blossom Boutique – one of our favorite shops ever. Mae and I fell in love with Puma, the store mascot.

Habitat for Humanity installed seven playhouses on the square for the week and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take blogger outfit shots. Below Lar is the photog and Mae is the gorgeous street style model. If only Tommy Ton was in Decatur that day!

I loved Mae’s Dolce Vita wedges – the back zips have tassels! My Aldo shoes (in the background) are some of my most comfortable summer heeled sandals that I own. I really think a girl can never have too many nude heels, so I’m adding Mae’s wedges to my wish list.

A close-up of an amazing gift from Lar: a buttery leather, orange Clare Vivier clutch. It’s my new all-time favorite accessory. I can actually fit my cell, wallet, coin purse, lip gloss and a notebook in it without a struggle.

Mae and Lar tried to get a few outfit pictures of me standing in front of the Mondrian-ish house, but the crazy running, screaming kids totally freaked me out. I think I was born without a maternal gene – eesh.

I built my outfit around my new clutch: Michael Stars sunglasses, thrifted silk top, American Apparel shorts and a Nixon watch from Worthmore Jewelers.

I loved Lar’s outfit – and hair! She pulled her hair up in a high, half ponytail and wore white sunnies from Rockit Boutique. The dress is from Creature Comforts (I bought it for her when I was out in LA last summer), American Apparel skirt, and Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

Our last stop was Rockit Boutique where we ran into another fashion blogger.

It was a perfect fashion blogger day.

The absolute best thing about writing this blog is the amount of wonderful people we’ve met because of it and our day with Mae completely encapsulated that. Thanks for visiting Mae, come back soon!

Cath and Lar Together Again!

Woohoo! Cath and I are back in the Atlanta together again! I’m back from my honeymoon and Cath just got back in from Chicago. Can you tell we really don’t like being apart? I blame it on our DNA – harhar. The first night I moved into my Edinburgh flat and realized I was three whole miles away from Cath during our junior year abroad, I had a panic attack. I was 20.

And how do Cath and I celebrate being in the same city together again? We drag our friends to a picnic at. a cemetery. Atlanta has some gorgeous cemeteries. Oakland is its most famous, but we prefer Westview Cemetery for its vastness and Corleoni-like mausoleum mansion. And I swear it makes for good picnic-ing. Oh, and coincidentally, it also makes for good outfit shooting.

Cath with her Lykke Li-like bun, H&M romper, thrifted belt, and Mia clogs.

Don’t these look like Swedish Hasbeens? Like everyone else hopping on the Hasbeen trend train, we love how they look and how environmentally friendly they are, but their price tag is a bit steep for us. We spotted these Mia’s on our lovely friend/make-up artist Amy Weissenberg (who coincidentally is Swedish American), and she told us she scored them for $40 on Amazon! Cath followed suit.

Doesn’t the Westview Mausoleum look like the Corleoni’s ancestral home in Sicily? It has a gorgeous chapel inside and lots of creepy tomb drawers. Tomb drawers? I’m sure that’s not appropriate mortuary-speak.

Cath’s romper from the back. Love, love, love!

Our picnic peeps just hanging out by the Carlton family plot. I think they enjoyed the company. (Sorry, was that too creepy?).

Goodies are from our local City Center Kroger, Star Provisions, a bakery in Chicago’s Chinatown, and my brother-in-law’s oven – scrumptious bread!

Cath brought me back some Underberg from Chicago. I’d never heard of it, but apparently it was/is all the rage in Europe after a filling meal. They are alcoholic bitters that you are supposed to chug down to maintain a sense of alertness after a large meal, such as our dejeuner sur l’herbe. I feel positively pop-eyed after a few drops. I wonder what the ingredient listed as “assorted herbs” includes?

Oh, guys, this is my new pups! I mean, Matt has had him for almost a year now (he adopted Matt by giving him sad puppy dog eyes in his backyard for weeks). Blog readers, meet Toby. Toby, meet blog readers. We know he is a mutt of some sorts. We’ve been told he has border collie, chow, and possibly pit bull in him. He is a sweetie, but very skittish as most street doggies are.

My dress is a cheapie from TJ Maxx and my boots are thrifted (Finders Keepers in Avondale).

In this photo (mid-pirouette), you can tell I slipped a pair of unbecoming biker shorts under this dress because it hikes up in the back a bit too much (well, to be fair, I hike up in the back too much, but you know what I mean).

Westview Cemetery. Locals, check it out. Non-locals, do you guys eat in cemeteries too, or is it just us?!

Oh, and. Cath’s back!!!!! (Sorry, still excited about that- even after this loooong blog post).

I hope you guys are having an amazing weekend so far. Tomorrow, Cath and I get to hang out with the lovely Mae Lu from Thereafterish! We’ve been internet buddies for years and now we get to meet! We’ll be sure to take a tremendous amount of photos with this gorgeous lady.




Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady

Hi Guys!!!!

So good to “see”  you again! Apologies for leaving you for so long, but my goodness, I’m still not sure what happened these last few weeks. Let’s see. I got for-real married at the courthouse in a 30 second ceremony (really, 30 seconds); ran-around like a chicken with her head cut off sewing barbecue bibs, making napkin rings, getting my hair done; then we had our prettified wedding at my parents’ house; then off on the honeymoon! Oh, and now I’m packing/moving. My boyfriend fiance husband Matt lives in the West End of Atlanta. So I’ve been knee-deep in packing tape and mumbled cuss words (I hate moving- even if it means being with the man I love).

And through it all, Cath has kept you well informed. Thanks so much, Kittycath! You the bestest! P.S. Now Cath is away in Chicago on business, so I haven’t seen much of her since I’ve officially become Lauren Lee-Crane (I haven’t actually officially changed my name at the courthouse, but I have on facebook, and that counts more, right?).

Above is a little mini outfit-post. Sorry the image quality is so crappy. My cameras are all packed up and so I had to use my mac. We still haven’t taken the decor down in the library/ceremony room, and I think it makes a luverly backdrop. My sweater and boots are thrifted (DKNY and Charolette Ronson respectively), and my dress (worn as a skirt) is by Jovovich-Hawk for Target.

Isn’t this bedroom dreamy? It was one of two gorgeous rooms in our cottage at Persimmon Creek Vineyards (our honeymoon destination). There was no cell service for about 10 miles, no wifi, no cable – it was heavenly. It also rained the whole time, but I loved that too. We just curled up in front of the fire and sipped our wine. Man, we should all have honeymoons at least once every six three months.

Oh and I promise to do a wrap-up wedding post once I get my final photos. Thank you to my wonderful photographers Aharon and Jackelyn from Aharon Hill Photography. Such a gorgeous, gorgeous job! Seriously, ladies and gents, if you need photographers, I can not recommend these ladies high enough. Flowers and photographer were my big spendy items for my very teeny wedding, and  every single penny (and more) was sooo worth it.

Last two photos by Aharon Hill Photography.

I’ve had a few questions about my wedding/engagement rings. I got them via Etsy from the designer Kristen Coffin. I had never heard of her before, but I stumbled onto her Etsy page and just fell in love. I’m not a big stone girl (sigh of relief from the fiance/hubs), and I wanted to make sure any stone I got was conflict-free. This baby cognac diamond is conflict free and the gold is recycled! Plus the bands are made from molds of actual twigs which I just love love love.

I hope you guys have been well! Once I settle down into my new home I’ll be sure to catch up on all your blogs and comments with Cath. Also, I’ll take photos of my new digs once I’ve gotten them somewhat styled.

Thanks for all the beautiful comments on my wedding!!! They brought me so much joy when I returned to the land of wifi post-honey moon!