AsianCajuns at the Wigwam

Before a mega much-over-due wedding update, I had to share these photos with you that Cath and I took last week with our friend Ali.

So sometimes Atlanta is magical. Like 70 degrees in mid-February magical. Last weekend we took advantage of said magical-ness by playing outside in sleeveless attire. We had sandwiches at Victory’s, Kombucha at Savi’s, and then we strolled over to the 4th Ward to take a look at the photogenic, Miami-esque, appropriately named Wigwam (???) Condos.

Aren’t they so kewl? And so very not Atlanta. Also very not wigwam-ish (they are named for the silhouette of what I thought was a cupid but happens to be a 3-ft. pink Native American chief – see above). I love its incongruity. It’s right by Martin Luther King Jr’s historical home and Lotta Frutta which has deeelicious smoothies and slightly taciturn smoothie makers.

I highly recommend visiting historic sites and eating delicious sandwiches this weekend if you guys can. Or, you know what? You guys should just all come down here and we’ll take you around! Okay, good. It’s a date. See you tomorrow!

In the meantime, here’s Cath dancing up the Wigwam stairs:

On Cath: shirt, thrifted; jeans, Blank; shoes, TOMS

On Lar (moi): awesomest dress in the world is a gift from Cath from Creatures of Comfort in L.A.; bandeau (see in photo below), AA; belt, Madewell; skirt, Citizens of Humanity; boots, years old from Target; purse, my favorite and least practical bag and I have no idea where it’s from; bracelets are assorted, one is from my future in-laws from Egypt!



20 thoughts on “AsianCajuns at the Wigwam”

    1. We are the same way, Christy! I have a pair from years ago when TOMS first came out and they are completely done in.

  1. I Love Historical Buildings ! I am a Serious History buff. I clicked the link and took the virtual tour. Looks like you had a great day. Btw, I Love those Target boots ! They are very good quality and go with everything. I have a lot of shoes from Target that are both comfortable and last a long time. Yay Target !

  2. Love historical sites too. Whenever I go away I always try to look up at least one thing to see. Btw I’ve been thinking of getting a pair of Toms, you may have convinced me. You’ll have to lmk how comfy they are.

    Ps. Please stop by and enter my little giveaway! xoxo

  3. Hi there,
    I like the little clutch/cosmetic bag you have in the last picture! Where can I find one?

    Thanks much!:)

  4. i LOVE all the colors here! It looks so bright, so vibrant, soooo warm. >.< and seeing those TOMS is making me reconsider purchasing a pair. The glitter ones to be exact. They look so comfy chic.

  5. I love the colours of the building! it’s funny since you did that post about telling you two apart, I always try to guess who is in which photo before I read the captions. I got it right today!

  6. Thanks for the comment on my last post. My Husband thought I was Crazy when I bought my Imac. I think after this incident with his HP PC he is converted now lol. My Imac was worth Every Penny.

  7. OHH wow it looks so Miami Vice there! I think you guys may have stole my California weather b/c it has been freezing and raining here. I can’t stand itshiver me timbers! But you guys look cute and Im dying to hear a wedding update!

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