Faux Fall Fur (and the real thing)

I’ve always felt a little hypocritical when I emphasize my animal-friendly purchases: faux fur, vegan-friendly (i.e. pleather) purses, etc. At least fifty percent of my footwear is leather and I eat plenty of meat and do not always buy the cage-free eggs. And the bacon that costs four times more because the piggies have been cuddled, loved and provided decent sties always gets pushed aside for the 2 for $5! cheapo crap.

I’m terribly conflicted. (Guilty glances abound) I like the way real fur feels when you pet it, I like the smell of leather and I looooove bacon. Does one faux fur item cancel out all the other carnivorous sins?

This fall faux fur jacket (fallfauxfur fallfauxfur fallfauxfur) is from one of our favorite local boutiques, Squash Blossom (Jinah works there!). The gingham shirt is thrifted from another terrific local shop called Poor Little Rich Girl (in College Park). The belt is J.Crew, jeans are from Rockit, boots are thrifted from Rag-o-Rama.

Okay, okay. I’m trying one more thing to assuage my guilt. Another photo of Boo Radley (with Troy and Cath) – the best real fur out there.

20 thoughts on “Faux Fall Fur (and the real thing)”

  1. What a cute faux fur jacket! You are too funny, Laur! I’m also against real fur, especially after seeing pics from the documentary, Earthling:( Like you, sometimes I feel guilty about having leather shoes and bags. I’m feeling conflicted, too! I would gladly trade in all my leather goods for Stella McCartney’s vegan shoes and handbags:) Wishful thinking hehe Aww Boo Radley! I always love seeing picture posts with the doggie:) What kind of dog is he?


    P.S. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject. It’s kinda refreshing to hear that I’m not the only one feeling conflicted:)

    1. I’m glad I’m not alone in my animal-product confusion 😉 I will totally have to see Earthling!
      Oh and Boo is part lhasa apso and something else: a true mutt. We got him from the local Animal Rescue.

  2. I have conflicts too when wearing my leather but yes I would love to have everything vegan but that is not possible right maybe in the future:)
    I love your faux jacket I think that it looks good on you and will surely keep you warm when it gets cold, it seems like the cold has not arrived here in the Georgia.

  3. i also have the same conflicts. i love the way leather smells too. i tried to buy vegan friendly purses and shoes but they just dont last as long. once they are scuffed its not like you can fix it. and i never thought about buying real fur to wear. i have all fauxfur items. and i have to eat meat. my body doesn’t know how to keep energy without. and eating vegan is expensive! if i were to be richer. maybe

  4. the coat is cool. and i don’t ever really feel bad about these animal things. I wear leather and fur, but I actually barely eat that much meat. I guess maybe I have no soul, that or I’ve concerned myself with other things. either one

  5. I’m with you on the leather and the bacon and the higher cost of vegan things, but I’m not a fan of real fur. I agree, it’s wayy softer but fur is fur is fur, whether on a dead animal or an alive one, and I can’t help but get a little creeped out by that. It’s not that I’m like super vegan or anything, it’s the creepiness that keeps me from buying real fur!

    anyway, i LOVE your fur jacket, it looks so luxe.


  6. Your self-awareness means so much more than whether you wear faux fur or real, eat bacon or eggs from free range chicken. All things in moderation.

    As a designer I’m not going to put out there an entire line of leather bags. That’s a bit too much killing on my hands, which is why I opt only for vegan leather. =P I probably share many of the same personal views as you on trying to live a lifestyle that is animal-friendly and cruelty-free. With that said, I won’t go postal on someone who *does* wear genuine leather.

    P.S. I don’t think I can emphasize enough how much I LOVE the photos with the bookcases as background. What a beautiful, beautiful corner of your home!

  7. I can relate to how you feel about fur (or what I generally call My Hypocrisy About Bacon And The Smell of Leather). . I guess, I can never go vegetarian no matter how much I adore animals. . hey that’s why there’s the food chains and food webs in nature right? But I try to keep away from fur products. Just knowing animals were skinned (and often quite cruelly) puts me off. Maybe I don’t feel that compassionate for cows and pigs and hence don’t feel the same about leather. . guess there’s some sort of cultural relativity in place here that I won’t attempt to justify.

  8. Eh, it’s not my fault they taste so good, right? As per the whole not using any animals in products, well what about the bees that are trucked in to pollinate all that delicious fruit? Or the fossil fuels and petroleum used in cosmetics, plastics (in shoes), etc. etc. ? What about wool? It’s like a never ending circle of guilt. I think the key is to focus on manufacturers that source their materials in the most ethical way possible, right? Or just make a donation to the WWF-I heard from Simba it’s like a Papal Indulgence.

  9. what a nice outfit darling. and such a cute last shot 😉
    LOVE the jacket. im all for faux fur, i dont get the idea of real fur at all
    take care


  10. lol. i think i share your same internal conflict. real fur scares me, but i love my leather boots/shoes/purses. sigh. well atleast ur not driving a hummer and kicking puppies. right? internal struggle continues.

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