Two Things Everyone Loves: Neon and Crop Tops!

Remember The Crop Top to Work idea from a few posts back? I did it again, but took it one step further– neon. If someone said to me “Oh I just love wearing neon, especially if it shows off my belly button ring” I would probably back away slowly, but I actually own just such a piece of clothing, and I wear it to work. Again, I paired it with a high-waisted skirt and a black cami underneath. The minute I actually start showings off my (non-existent) belly button ring, you can stop reading this blog.

To add to the neon (kind of like gilding the lily), I decided to wear my very large, clear plastic necklace from Rockit.

ps- I hope you guys are having a great weekend! What are you up to? My bf and I are in Charleston visiting this guy again. Miss you, Cath!

Eye-searing pink crop top, camisole, and skirt from AA, shoes are Jeffery Campbell, necklace from Rockit Boutique in Decatur.

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13 Responses to “Two Things Everyone Loves: Neon and Crop Tops!”

  1. April Says:

    LOVE! i love that this is neon pink (my current toenail color) and that it’s cropped (recent obsession) and that you’re wearing it to work (you go girl) :D


  2. Mae Says:

    CROP! ACK!

    But you know what, there’s only one girl in the whole world who can pull this off, and it’s not Taylor Momsen; it’s you!

    I think you’re one of the few girls who can pull off neon pink, too. I never could, so bravo!

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.


  3. The Owl's Closet Says:

    wow, i love how u styled this neon top! i would have never thought of styling it this way and it works!:) also, loving ur boots! i was at the coast this weekend…we had to find some relief from the blistering heat! hope ure having fun in charleston!

    p.s. cute boots!


  4. Heidi Says:

    This is awesome. I love neon! The necklace is such a great piece! :)


  5. anh Says:

    love the bright color on you.


  6. liv Says:

    i love this look. so fresh and you can get away with it for the office. i still haven’t done the crop top for work yet but maybe i’ll try this week!


  7. EmilyKennedy Says:

    I think the necklace is what makes it really interesting and current. You little cutie!


  8. charles Says:

    i only love neon when it’s with black and i only love crop tops when they don’t reveal an unnecessary amount of stomach or ^shudder^ underboob so i LOVE both elements of your look here! Totally stylin :D xx


  9. becca Says:

    beautiful! one question: how do you keep your crop tops from getting wrinkled? mine (jersey material, with a zipper) always looks like the tissue paper at the bottom of the birthday bag :(

    actually, it’d be totally cool to see how you guys organize your closets for that matter!


    AsianCajuns (Lar) Reply:

    Aww thanks, Becca!

    My lazy girl trick for the non-wrinkled crop top is to take it out of the dryer right when it’s done and hang it on the hanger. I hate hate hate to iron (Cath is much better at this than me), so I just make sure I hang things up once they are out of the dryer. I used to fold them, but they ended up with inevitable creases. Hope that helps ;)


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