Equestrian Chic (Without the Horse)

I was never a horse girl. Cath and I might have had one forgotten My Little Pony between us. We went horse back riding once, when we were five. And all I remember is pinching my nose against the offending manure smell (tomboy I was not). That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good buckle and a bit of leather.

The belt (from local boutique Rockit) has a built-in pocket that fits a cell phone perfectly. I doubt real equestrians carry cell phones. Hunting horns and riding crops, maybe (I’ve received most of my equestrian knowledge from period English films). The tee and blazer are from H&M, the jeans are Blank Denim, and the boots are Frye.

Do you think this belt crosses a line into bum bag/fanny pack zone? Bags attached with belts kind of give that impression, don’t they? I think real equestrians would never wear such a thing on the . er .field? countryside? fox hunting hills?

Some subtle bling to go with the To-the-Manor-Born look, Agnes Scott College ring, June Shin earrings and a necklace from Vivid Boutique.

Did you all have a good Monday/Ides of March? I find a Monday directly following daylight savings absolutely brutal. Another brutal aspect of this week? Having to wear green (and look good in it) on Wednesday. Why isn’t there a holiday where we all dress in flattering shades of blue? Maybe we should celebrate St. Andrew’s Day instead of St. Patty’s.

33 thoughts on “Equestrian Chic (Without the Horse)”

  1. This is so chic, you are cresting the scary hill of fanny pack, and moving past it into style heaven. That’s a weird statement, but what I mean is, yes, normally I could say a belt with a carrying pouch attached is too 80’s referential for it’s own good. But this is so cool!

  2. I dig the equestrian vibe in your look. The belt is super fun! I’ll have to go scout out Rockit soon. And yes, Monday was brutal. Ouch.

  3. i like the horse-style chicness you brought with this outfit. i tried to ride horses when i was about 11-12 or sobut when i was supposed to galop with the horse- i quit. and do not mention the fence-riding- haha. i was far away from the riding place- running such a chicken!

  4. I do actually use a quite similar bag horseriding – it’s really practical and the only doable bag on a horseback 😉

  5. Ladiesladies, first, I really think you should consider sneaking a horse into your decatur apartment. Decatur seems to really smile on the eccentric and this will help endear you to the neighborhood.

    Also, that belt is fantastic. I have been trying to find one like it for quite a while. It’s definitely not fanny packish. It’s rockin’

  6. Monday was rough! At least the onset of total darkness came an hour later (or tricked us into thinking it was an hour later.) And I LOVE those boots!!!

  7. Didn’t get stabbed, so a pretty good Ides of March, no? Although to be honest, I could use a little adventure with a Triumvirate.

    Oh the post. THAT BELT IS AWESOME. Maybe equestrians don’t wear belts like that, but bad ass cowboys probably do. You know, the kind that rob trains and have legit mustaches.

    Have a good St. Patrick’s Day kids.

  8. Anyone watch Burn Notice on USA? Gabrielle Anwar frequently sports a fanny-pack, so if she can do it, why not?

    On a side note, they don’t appear to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Scotland. Just sayin’

    1. Where in Scotland are you? My friend currently in Glasgow had a big St.Patrick’s Day adventure/party/beerfest I was really jealous of!

      1. I’m in Edinburgh–I was out on Princes St. most of the day and didn’t notice anything. Maybe I’m just not in the party area!

        1. Oooo, soooo jealous, Ms. Beer! Yeah, I don’t remember any green on St. Patty’s when we were in Edinburgh. No wonder why I’m partial to Scotland (go, blue!)
          Miss you!!!

  9. Ok you’ve heard it 24 times above me, but one more time! – that belt is excellent! It’s something I’d see in a store and wish I knew how to wear it or what to wear it with, but in the end never buy it. BUT now i know! And I hate carrying around big purses somedays, so that would be perfect!

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