Le Fashion Doldrums

I know it’s fashion week, and beautiful, inspiring things are being shown daily, but I can’t get out of my personal winter fashion rut. If you’ve wondered why Cath and I haven’t posted many outfit photos in the past few weeks, it’s because we’ve been wearing clothes that make us look like black hole blobs: layers of dark sweaters and coats. And as a side note… Hotlanta, what happened to you? It’s frigid! There is no way I’m wearing cute tights and a skirt out in this weather unless I can fit it under my skinny jeans and oversized mumu sweaters.

So I tried to scare my fashion doldrums away this morning by pulling on some color: cream vest, coral silk blouse, gray skinnies. Ooo I like it! I feel positively galactic (in a big, colorful way) compared to what I’ve been wearing. I’ll probably slip back into a black hole tomorrow (still too cold!), but today I wanted a little morning-after-Mardis-Gras to peek through.

I also love this outfit because there is nary a piece from H&M: Shirt is thrifted, vest is from local boutique Rockit, Cheap Monday jeans from local boutique Bill Halman.

I plan to wear these pretty lovelies with dresses all spring and summer long. Get here already, Spring! (Shoes from Mango).

I don’t know if you can see the long, bronze tassel necklace I have on, but it’s yet another indie treasure (from the bf- le swoon- he has good taste, non?). Check out Snoozer Looser. I first heard about them from GBLYSS.

What do you guys do when you hit a fashion rut? And how do you conquer winter black hole layers? Should I just give in and move to the equator? Sun! Heat! Ahhh… daydreams absolutely worthy of a good toe wiggle.

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31 Responses to “Le Fashion Doldrums”

  1. Clare Says:

    I love that vest and the monochrome bottom half of this outfit. Gorgeous!


  2. EmilyKennedy Says:

    Cute! And YAY, new post! I am feeling you on the beckoning spring with sartorial choices. Today I wore slacks and a super thick cable knit sweater, with a very spring floral tunic underneath. I knew spring was in there!


  3. jentine Says:

    I love the layers and colours and the necklace (good tatse bf!). I’ve been trying to beat the winter blahs by adding a little fanciness to each outift… still, I’m dreaming on sushine and exposed ankles.


  4. jentine Says:

    I meant ‘dreaming of sunshine…’, proof read much?


  5. Jinah Says:

    I’ve been pushing myself to get out of the cold weather rut too! Little does everyone know, I am in flannel pajamas all day long on my days off from any responsibilities. It helps me to keep reading all my favorite blogs and coming up with themes or goals for the day. I mean, I’m not working and only have class two days a week so I have a lot of time to think about these things :)


  6. jesse.anne.o Says:

    I just wore the most obnoxious dress I own for this very reason yesterday!

    This is it:



  7. Kristi Says:

    Whenever I get in a winter clothing rut, I start using my summery scented products. For some reason, the smell of coconut and sunscreen is enough to encourage me to wear some more color! I usually start by layering solid color turtlenecks under my favorite summer tops, and then adding a sweater or cardigan over it if it’s frigid out!


  8. sharon rose Says:

    Hi there-I’m in a jeans rut-I keep looking out to buy them, don’t know why!! Love your shirt, a great colour and the boots are totally gorgeous!!


  9. Style with Benefits Says:

    Hey Lar! Love your necklace! The bf did well! Great job layering too. I love the mix of colors and that vest.

    xo, becs


  10. fashion tidbits Says:

    love the coral colour! wearing that definitely brightens up a cold day! ummmm i tend to do what everybody else does when it goes cold. LAYER. but i do accent my outfit with a bit of colour, say a dash bright RED with my scarf


  11. Linda Says:

    I go on vacation. Honestly, our winter here in Toronto has been weird too, in that it hasn’t been THAT cold, nor has it snowed really.


  12. Danielle Says:

    U look fabulous in your color and layers!! I am in a total rut too! Ready for warm weather!!!!


  13. Sally Says:

    That coral is fantastic on you, doll, and the tassel necklace is such fun! For me, color is the main secret to winter survival. Even oversized layers are more cheerful when they’re red and purple!


  14. Maritess Says:

    I love your outfit, I’ve totally been into coral lately, mainly cuz i’m also tired of the dreary cold.. But whenever I’m in a fashion rut, I put on some bright colored shirts or tunics and wear them with leggings. Can’t wait for the warm weather!


  15. Snapshot Fashion Says:

    i love that top on you! so pretty!!!
    i know what you mean though…i’m in a little bit of a fashion rut myself…and i too blame the weather. blah!!!


  16. Heidi Says:

    Amazing outfit! Love the color choices, you look fabulous :) I know what you mean about frigid weather.. I so want to wear tights and dresses, but unfortunately I’m a little ahead of myself where winter is concerned!


  17. ediot Says:

    youre looking sTUNNING! i love that blouse. such an great colour! j’adore.. wish you both an amaZing week.in coldlanta.


  18. Maeko Says:

    Shoes and accessories. I do have an alternate “BORING WARDROBE” set aside for winter. It usually consists of slacks and leggings under them and big boufy sweaters. The shoes and accessories save me, honestly.

    But see the thing is here, you don’t seem to be in a fashion rut at all, from the looks of these photos. You look great and you still managed to style a great shoot, too. How do you do this?

    Do you feel like dressing up every day, even though you work at home? does it help you get through the day?


  19. anh Says:

    i am at the same point too. i just layer my summer clothes with some winter on top. like today a simple white shirt. i just put on a vest and a blazer.


  20. Christina Says:

    I love this outfit! :) You look awesome!! I, as well, can’t wait for Spring/Summer/warmer weather/maybe even a vacay!


  21. ashley Says:

    I am definitely in the rut with you {there’s even a scheduled post about it}. All the cold, windy days have me bundled in sweaters, boots, and jeans & not exactly my most fashionable. I may try to pull out some color, too!


  22. greenjeans Says:

    I think fall/winter for guys is a little different than for girls. Flannels, tweeds, corduroy, there’s tons of stuff for us. I should admit I kind of dress the same year round though…And to be honest, I don’t really think the fairer sex has realized the full potential of tweed and flannel, but that’s just me.

    Oh and I heard dudes who know about SnoozerLoser are the coolest. I was wondering when someone was gonna nab that necklace. Have you seen their new stuff for Spring?


  23. javieraisidora Says:

    love your coural blouse! i never hear before about snoozer loser, beautiful!, you can mix everything if you have a great eye,,,and you can do it!


  24. Ace Says:

    I’m loving those boots! I love the western influence. I just wrote a post about cowboy boots, what are your thoughts?


  25. savvy gal Says:

    Colors can always cheer me up. : )


  26. Windsor Says:

    Dudes!!! I have totally been in a fashion rut too!! It’s SOOO cold outside. I wake up every morning resolved to dress cute and then I let the dog outside. Them I break down and grab the sweaters :(


  27. Tam Says:

    such a lovely and vibrant outfit! LOVE!


  28. liv Says:

    great colours! i’ve never been to atlanta but i can’t believe you and the rest of eastern USA is having such a bad winter. lol and of course here in vancouver where we have the olympic games, we have spring like sunny weather. what gives?

    cheap monday is awesome. love their jeans.


  29. Amy Says:

    Very cute!! I love that vest and coral is my new color obsession.



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  31. Gillian Says:

    that necklace is bomb


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