A sweet piggy mask made of pink feathers! A little creepy or strange? Maybe. But that’s why I put the title in french. “Cochon” sounds whimsical and theatrical, non? I found it at local antiques mecca Kudzu Antiques with its friend (a goat mask made of white feathers) marked “old theater costume masks– fragile.” I think they are pretty neat. They are made of papier mache and a plethora of pink and white feathers.



I don’t intend to actually wear either mask out. I added them to the decor in my bedroom (I’ve got a creamy, beige-y, soft pink thing going on. Yup- incredibly girlie).


So, fear not, locals. You won’t see me traipsing around Decatur dressed as a pig or goat, but I thought a little dress up on a Sunday afternoon couldn’t hurt.


This cochon mask goes perfectly with an pink vintage tea dress Cath found for me at Salvation Army many moons ago. The shoes are Payless Marc Jacobs’ knock-offs from 2002-ish. Remember those?





I remember reading a long time ago that mask were bad luck to hang up in your house, especially if they were from another culture other than your own. Sounds like a lot of phooey to me, but if that were true I’ll just say these are my inner Cajun hanging on my wall (old Mardi Gras mask, non?).

Speaking of Cajun things. Cath and I are headed to New Orleans this week! It’s my first real vacation in two years, and my first time in twenty years to visit NOLA (all I remember from my last trip is beignets: eating beignets, making beignets and then eating some more beignets– hopefully this trip will be quite similar).

Laissez les bon temps roulez!

42 thoughts on “Cochon”

  1. I just love the decor and colour scheme of your room. And that dress is so delicate and sweet, I simply adore it! That mask is slightly creepy but on you definitely cute. Hope you two have a fabulous time in NOLA! I’ve yet to go but I remember the feature from the Food Network.beignets.mmmmm Eat some for me too πŸ™‚

  2. Oh, that mask reminds me so much of Penelope, which I love:) And my, that dress is delectably sweet and pretty in every sense of the word, such a great find and so perfect with those shoes!

    Your room decor is also lovely, I wish I had space in my room for decor:)

  3. Hey, thanks for the sweet comment! Love the girly, almost washed-out feeling of these pictures. And I totally have mixed feelings about the masks. I’m pretty creeped out by them when you’re wearing them, but when I saw them hanging on the wall I was sold. AWESOME.

  4. NOLA! i was just there in July. Although i was sick when i was there so i didn’t have any photos from that trip. have fun and dont forget to have a beignet for me! and also take a pic of the cathedral. and stop by anne rice’s house for me!

  5. Its an amazing mask-scary and cute at the same time.

    but the colouring and the outfit- and the interior. its all impeccable. i love it-. adore it.
    thanks for your adorable comments. id love to visit you some time πŸ™‚ would be great fun but seriously–. someone should some time put up a major blogevent

  6. Oh my gosh! That dress is drop dead gorgeous. Did you have it tailored or did it already fit you perfectly?? I’m so jealous! I love the colors of the room by the way, so sweet and frothy.

  7. The romantic, vintagey vibe of your room decor is perfectly fitting the little Frenchie you are! I love it.

    I had those exact shoes back in ’02. Only issue was that they made my feet smell sooooooooo bad. I hate synthetic materials that way.

    That dress is seriously fantastic. I agree with Ace up there!

  8. creepy, lovely, and beautiful.maybe my favorite post of all time for you! you cracked me up with your antoinette references yesterday on my camping post! I am going to my parents tonight as my dad says that he has several down sleeping bags.I will sleep like a queen!

  9. Those masks are really beautiful. I always wanted a sister to buy stuff for me (well, Iwanted a sister at least:)) and all I got were four brothers. The dress is really sweet and fits perfect.

  10. That room looks deliciously romantic and feminine, I love it! And that dress is beyond perfect. I could even see it being a low-key girl’s wedding dress. Completely fitting of the location.

  11. Two years? Holy crap you deserve it.and New Orleans – always wanted to go!

    The dress is gorgeous and as whimsical as the cochon mask is.I find it very, VERY creepy πŸ˜›

  12. I think if you walked around during the day with the mask it probably would be creepy, but I love them as a decor element! Although you might be able to wear that mask during Halloween πŸ˜‰ And can I just say how ridiculously gorgeous that dress is on you? What a beautiful find! Your rooom looks wonderful by the way. the perfect combination of romantic and girly

  13. I can’t wait to read all about your trip to New Orleans! I’m sure you will have a wonderful time!

    Loving the mask. It’s actually really pretty paired with the dress and shoes. I like the fairytale vibe I get from it! The girly beige vibe in your room is sweet, I love all the accessories and trinkets you have as decoration your room too. So whimsical!

  14. Love the romantic vibe of the dress and mask. Your room looks so pretty too. Hope you and Cath have a great time in New Orleans!

    xo, Becs

  15. i love the picture of the dress against the window- so delicate and pretty! have a wonderful trip. i can’t wait to read about all the adventures. . .

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