Home Away From Home

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Dear Cath,

This is our teeny flat on a quiet Sunday morning.

One day we will live side by side like we always dreamed (because our partners wouldn’t have a say — didn’t even occur to us, did it)? But for now you live in a beautiful house, on a woodsy plot in Atlanta and I live in a teeny flat perched on the edge of a busy road in Edinburgh.



3 thoughts on “Home Away From Home”

  1. I’m with Brie! This makes me miss you more. And I still can’t believe that I have NEVER set foot in this flat even though you’ve lived in it for a year – or more? I love how efficient yet cozy it is. All of your plants have inspired me to get more indoor plants – although I do not have a green thumb. I wish I could pop by for a cuppa right now!
    xoxo, Cath

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