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A Short Week Together

Hello dear readers!

twin faux wooden sunglasses

Apologies for the radio silence. Lar was in town for a whole week and it was wonderful. So wonderful, that we didn’t even get a chance to blog about it! But we’ll make up for it this week. I promise! Some things we’ll be blogging about this week and next:

• What we did this past week together.

• The Anthropologie outlet – it does exist!

• Being a tourist in Edinburgh

• Fitbit vs Jawbone

• Lar’s abstract painting that she did for me. I hinted at it here.

At this moment, Lar is flying over the Atlantic back to Edinburgh (sob!). Hopefully we’ll see each other over the holidays, but until then we’ll be writing to each other on AsianCajuns 🙂 Thank you, dear readers, for returning and reading about our lives – it means so much to us!

xoxo, Cath

Twin Take: The Blue Sweater



Cath and I very rarely dressed alike when we both lived in Atlanta together. But wearing the same thing now that we are 4391 miles apart (who’s counting?) makes me feel at least a smidge closer to Cath. Twin power . dressing!

We didn’t plan a whole outfit together — just one item. In this case it was a blue Uniqulo sweater from a few years ago. Cath accessorized with red lippie, a dashing hat and stripes. I swaddled my torso in the sweater and tucked it in a skirt to create a faux wrap-dress. The outfits look completely different even though the essentials are similar: black skirt, booties, and a long gold necklace. What a difference 4391 miles makes! (sniff, sniff).

twin-necklaces twin-outfits cath-hat


Dear Cath,

We’ll be on our way to Munich when you read this. It’s 4774 miles from Atlanta — so a few hundred miles further away — harumph. But I will totally What’s App you when we get there and take photos of beer gardens and fairy-tale castles and Alex and Dexin!






Twin Love: the Cadbury Twins!

Neshah-and-Nyah-cadbury Neshah-and-Nyah

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting lots of wonderful people since starting AsianCajuns nearly six years ago: fellow bloggers, artists, writers, chefs, independent shop owners, stylists, designers, and musicians. But strangely enough, we’ve never met another pair of twins. I didn’t even realize this lack of doubles until I got an email a few days ago from the lovely Neshah Hines. Twin connection! The only down-side? It made me miss Cath even more than usual.

Neshah and her twinie Nyah are the new faces for Cadbury Creme Eggs (non-UK residents, you can catch their commercial below). This talented duo are fresh out of acting school and getting ready to take the world by storm. So why pay attention to this pair of soon-to-be-famous twins? Well, apart from Mary Kate and Ashley there really isn’t a set of identical twins acting together — and that seems surprising and sad, at least to our twin-centric minds. So just remember you heard it here first (from one set of twins about another): Neshah and Nyah Hines.

I did a mini-interview via email with these lovely ladies, so you could get to know them a bit better:

What’s it like working as actresses together (versus going solo)?
Nyah: It’s really cool to work with Neshah cause we’ve got such a unique bond. I love it!
Neshah: It’s kind of like working with yourself cause your around someone your so comfortable with. It’s just natural.
Do you prefer to work together rather than getting separate parts?
Nyah: I don’t mind working apart but I always prefer having Neshah with me because you have someone to bounce off and laugh with!
Neshah: I really love when Nyah is with me cause she will be completely honest with me and let me know what I’m doing well as well as how I can improve. It’s fine working solo though because I can always go back to Nyah at the end.
Dream acting jobs?
Both: Hollywood!
Nyah: I would really love to play a superhero or a Villain!
Neshah: I would love to be in really romantic chick flicks or maybe some spicy action films.
Who are your acting gurus/idols?
Nyah: Cameron Diaz! I love her amazing smile! She represents girl power!
Neshah: I have so many! Right now I love Amy Adams, I think she’s super talented! She can do everything!
Are you guys best friends?
Nyah: Yeh of course! We talk about everything. Its great!
Neshah: Yes we are! We are soo close and we have our fair share of tiffs just like best friends do.
Do you have a lifetime supply of Cadbury Creme Eggs?
Nyah: No, Only in my dreams! hehe
Neshah: OMG! I WISH! No we have to buy them like everyone else 🙁

Follow them on twitter: @Neshah_x and @Nyahbob



Dear Cath,

Oh my good lord, seeing Neshah’s and Nyah’s photos together make me miss you so much! We should have totally gone into acting — or something anything we could have done together and not been apart. How did we get to Economic Development Coordinator and Graphic Designer. Those rarely go hand-in-hand or look nearly as natural in head shots (remember our ballet headshots — gulp).

I hope more twins find us on the intertubes. Twin power forever!



Twin Take: Our Vanities

Happy Friday, lovelies! Lar and I decided to mix things up a bit and instead of a Friday Link Love, we’re doing a Friday Twin Take. Yeah, that’s right, we like aliteration. And we like sharing our sameness and different.ness. First up! Vanities!

Lar and I are relatively low maintenance when it comes to makeup. Don’t get me wrong, we love our trips to Sephora as much as the next girl, but we both keep our makeup routines under five minutes. Efficiency? Yes. Laziness? Most definitely.

Regardless of our brief daily makeup routine, Lar and I both appreciate having a place to apply our makeup. There’s something so luxurious about having a dedicated spot to primp and Lar and I have both done it on the cheap. Take a look:

Vanity Organization Lar

Lar’s vanity is located right by her bedroom window. Of course natural light is the best light to apply makeup. Too bad Lar lives in a country where it’s only sunny about 10 percent of the time (sorry Lar, had to make that dig).


vanity organizing Cath

My vanity is a five year old Ikea desk. I used my phone to take photos so you can’t see the scratches in the paint. Otherwise, it’s perfect!

Let’s take a closer look at each set up:

Vanity Organizing containers

I love how girly Lar’s vanity looks – although I guess there’s no such thing as a manly vanity. Matt bought her that bottle of Lancome perfume for Christmas and the pink bottle is from her super fancy Harrod’s hamper. Do you see all of her makeup brushes? Lar is the one who made me realize that makeup is so much easier to apply with brushes than with the weird foam tools that come with drug store makeup and q-tips.


Vanity Organizing biscuit tin

Lar stores the bulk of her makeup in a biscuits (that’s “cookie’s” in British speak) tin.


Vanity Organization hair box

Instead of cluttering up her vanity with hair tools and products, she keeps them stored in a box nearby. Do you see how she has a GHD straightener? So jealous!

My vanity is a bit more cluttered:

vanity organizing cake stand

I purchased the chevron tray and little cupcake stand at two local shops in Decatur. The full size cake stand was made by a local potter. I like to think these items make my table top look a little more pulled together.

vanity organizing tea cup

Lar and I both like organizing things cups (see my white tea cup and Lar’s turquoise mug). I have two tubes of Rimmel concealor because they’re now only available in the UK. Lar brings them home for me and I hoard them.

vanity organizing everyday jewelry

I keep my AsianCajuns name necklace within easy reach because I wear it almost every day. The little bowl is a gift from a friend who went to China and the A to Z emery boards are from Lar.

I think Lar and I get our love of vanities from our mom. She’s not big into makeup either, but for as long as I can remember she’s always had a vanity. It’s a a weird combination I suppose – like having a big closet but not really being interested in clothes. Go figure. Are we alone here? For our female readers out there, do you have a vanity? Any organizing tips? Do you keep your makeup in a cookie tin?

So many questions to think about while heading into the weekend!

P.S.: Friday Link Love isn’t gone forever. It’ll be back every other Friday.


Dearest Lar,

It’s MLK Jr. weekend and you know what that means?! Volunteering on Saturday! This will be the second year in a row where we won’t be volunteering together, sniffle ,sniffle. I hate losing traditions like that, but we can start new traditions, like Twin Take Fridays, woohoo!

Skype date Sunday?

xoxo, Cath