What’s In Lar’s Downsized Purse

A couple of weeks ago I talked about downsizing my wallet. And, you guys, I did it! I’ve been using just this little turquoise wallet for the past month or so. I’ve never once been caught out needing any of the cards that I got rid of, and my purse is so much lighter than when I used to carry my ginormous wallet(s) around with me!

Because of my wallet success, I thought now is the time to downsize from my tote bag to a real purse-sized purse — you know, the kind that don’t give you back problems and leave you with those purse strap gouges on your shoulder.

I didn’t want to go out and buy a small purse (I don’t own one because in the past I never used ones that I bought — I’ve since KonMaried them), so I used this mini Le Pliage that I found at Salvation Army in Edinburgh for £3 — a steal and environmentally friendly.

The mini Le Pliage is still pretty roomy and not as small as I’d eventually like to carry (this is my dream bag in all its vegan leather glory). But I’m really chuffed that I’ve been able to swing a tiny (in comparison) bag on my arm instead of hefting my tote straps over my coat. I’ve been a successful small-ish purse carrier for nearly three weeks!

Hi, my name is Lar, and I no longer carry my life with me wherever I go! (I seriously feel like I should get a badge for that — no, scratch that. No room for a badge in my now compact-bag lifestyle).

If I can keep this up through the winter, I might allow myself to get that Mat and Nat bag for the spring.

And if you guys are interested, you can see what’s in my bag in the pics below. I keep trying to trim this down, but I use pretty much all of these things every day. What are your tricks, small-purse carriers?

And in my make-up bag there are these essential bits and bobs: 

6 thoughts on “What’s In Lar’s Downsized Purse”

    1. Right, Stephanie?! I was actually just dropping clothes off at the Salvation Army and didn’t have money with me, so I had them hold it behind the counter and ran home to get my wallet ;D
      x Lar

  1. I too am a fan of the mini wallet as well as a small purse. I have a couple of going out/party bags and clutches, and one larger purse for if the need ever arises, but my main two are a rucksack for work as I find it easier lugging my laptop around on my back than on my shoulder (http://nl.tumi.com/p/knox-backpack-0222681HK2) and a small 3 compartment crossbody (https://www.thelittlegreenbag.co.uk/women/bags/handbags/cowboysbag/bag-worthing/22171) for if I don’t have to carry the laptop or for the weekend. The corssbody isn’t super small, but it gives me the option of carrying my ipad mini with me if I want as well as a small bottle of water.
    I’ve had the rucksack for close to 4 years I think and the crossbody for 2.5 and still love them both.

    1. That backpack and crossbody purse are just perfect! I don’t have a laptop for work, but if I did, I think I would carry a backpack too — I love being hands/arms free on my commute to work. I love the fact that you used both bags for so long! And though I don’t have a laptop for work, I do often have to upgrade to a tote when I’m off to work to fit in my lunch and books.
      x Lar

  2. I’m so impressed with your tiny wallet and your charity shop steal of a purse and your minimalism in general! You should totes save up for the Mat and Nat bag. It’s so classic and cross body bags are the best in the spring and summer (e.g. when you don’t have a giant coat and hoodie that you’re wearing)!

    Does it not bother you that you can’t put the bag over your shoulder? Probably not since it’s so light!

    We’re such twinsies because I have a little Altoids tin too. I don’t like the mini Altoids so once I finished them, I just buy other mints and put them in the little tin. That sounds really weird now that I write it out, but it makes me happy and I don’t have to carry around a giant box of mints in my purse.

    xoxo, Cath

    1. Oh my goodness, that’s genius, Cath! Not weird at all. I’m totally going to buy new mints and put them in there when I’m done with the mini-altoids.

      I do kind of wish the purse could go over my shoulder, but I also have issues with keeping straps on my shoulder when I wear a heavy coat — do you have the same thing? So even though I like to be more hands free than this generally, I get frustrated when the straps of a purse keep falling off when you’re moving about.

      I want to see what’s in your purse — you are way better at being compact than me. You are my purse guru!


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