Fall 2016 Minimalist Wardrobe Inspo

I wanted to keep myself busy this weekend so I wouldn’t get too down about the election and everything that it implies. It really helped to read Lar’s post a couple of times and to spend time away from the news. I busied myself with house stuff like painting an old dresser for my bedroom (follow that riveting saga on my SnapChat: AsianCajunsCath) and cleaning my sneakers (future blog post coming).

I also distracted myself with some fall clothes inspiration. Now that it’s finally getting a little, tiny bit cooler in the south, it’s time to start thinking about long sleeves, cardigans, and boots.

This year, instead of showing you want I want to buy, I’m going to show you what I want to wear. Once I gathered these six images, I realized that I have almost everything in these photos:

I’m a big fan of ankle-showing pants. They might not be practical for other parts of the country during the winter, but there are very few weeks in Atlanta where ankle length pants aren’t warm enough. I need to get some that are work appropriate because right now I just have some cropped jeans, which don’t give off that pantsuit air that I’m going for. #pantsuitnation

I still think white sneakers are the bee’s knees even though white is not traditionally appropriate during the winter. They’re also harder to pull off if you’re not showing a little bit of ankle (see a theme here?), but I think you can pull off that Scandinavian black jeans, black socks, and white sneakers look if you have enough confidence. For the two photos above, I have the slouchy blazer already, t-shirt, and jeans (both boyfriend and skinny styles), but I don’t have a wool 3/4 length coat and that’s definitely at the top of my list. Last year I wrote about how I ended up with this very practical winter coat after Kon Mari-ing all of my clothes. It functions perfectly for the winter, but not for nicer events like going out to a fancy dinner or going to the ballet (both of which I do all the time. . . ahem).

Now, when I do want to dress up I like simple pieces like color-block dresses (is it still color block when it’s just black and white?!) or black skirts with a statement necklace. I love chunky, big, handcrafted-looking necklaces and am thinking about making one or two for the fall/winter season.

So there you have it. I’m still a sucker for an aesthetically minimalist pieces. If you’re bored with that look, check out Lar’s post, Is Minimalism as a Trend Waning?

In the same vein (and if you’re looking for more post-election distraction), read this article on Racked about how embellishments are back – and minimalism is out.

P.S.: All of the photos in this post are from Cup of Jo. Her blog is another good distraction and I love her Style and Beauty Uniform posts that show what real women wear.

P.P.S.: If you still want to indulge in some retail therapy, purchase one of these shirts or pins that supports Planned Parenthood.

3 thoughts on “Fall 2016 Minimalist Wardrobe Inspo”

  1. Hi Cath,

    Oh my goodness! I love everything about this post! Your idea to look for inspiration for what to wear instead of what to buy seems so obvious, but I’ve seriously not really done that before. I can’t wait to see your versions of these outfits.

    Also, thanks for linking to all those wonderful distraction and non-distraction links. I still spend half of my time in denial.

    Miss you oodles!

    xoxoxo Lar

  2. Probably too late- but have you checked out the Sloan ankle pants from Banana Republic? I don’t know how you feel about BR but their pants fit me perfect. It’s amazing, and we’re related, so maybe they will fit you too? Only the sloans fit in ankle length. They have a good amount of stretch and are very comfy. I wear them with oxfords, flats, low converse, etc. They are my go to work pants. I wait till they are on clearance. 🙂 I hope they still make them. Each pair has lasted me over 5 yrs so far.

  3. I love these looks! I think what makes it so hard for me to shop is that I feel like I am in personal-style limbo. First, my body is all out of whack after 2 babies. Next, I love menswear-inspired looks (even though I don’t really own any menswear-style clothing) and the color palette at Everlane BUT I am also really drawn to the bright colors and feminine silhouettes by Boden. I think the only solution is Boden for work because I will be starting a new job as a preschool teacher and my look should be cheerful, no? Then the menswear stuff can be my weekend look. I dunno…

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