In which I (inadvertently) wear two pairs of underwear

One of the wonderful results of living with less is that you know exactly what you own. For instance, I used to have a mess of a sock drawer, but I now know exactly what’s in there: orderly wool socks, posh socks, sporty socks — the whole Spice Girls gamut of sockdom.

I also know exactly where to find the stuff I need because I don’t have to keep track of so many things. Generally speaking, things don’t go missing because there’s a space for everything. Since my KonMari weekend a few years back, nothing gets relegated to a miscellaneous closet that never sees the light of day.

Well, that might not be exactly true. I don’t actually know everything I have. But I really thought I did — until last week.

You know what they say, pride goeth before the fall, etc.

I bought this new hoody back in early spring. It’s light-weight and super soft – perfect for a bit of light layering. I ended up wearing it all day last week because Seattle hadn’t quite warmed up to a proper summer just yet.

I went to meetings, I went out to lunch, I had multiple water-cooler chats with coworkers. It was an unusually long day, but my super-soft hoody made me feel comforted even after blinking at a screen for 9 hours.

And then I came home.

I dropped my bags on the floor and shook off my hoodie and on to the floor falls a pair of undies. Mine, thankfully. And clean ones! With no holes (thankyoubabyjesus)! But still!

I have a sneaking suspicion that they were sticking out of my hood all day after comingling with my hoodie in the laundry. I’m praying everyone just thought I had a purple-lined sweatshirt.

So here’s a fair warning to you all: check your hoods before leaving the house, kids! You thought the pant-leg undie-rider was bad, just think what would happen if you casually popped on your hood and a pair of frilly knickers slides over your forehead. (I bet Queenie, pictured at the top of the post there, checked her hood and scarf before venturing out for a bit of fox hunting or what have you — one can never be too careful).

So this really isn’t a helpful post on owning less, but this incident has really made me seriously reconsider the true genius of days-of-the-week underwear.

Oh and guess what, guys?! I actually have two outfit posts lined up for this week and next. So hold on to your hats, kiddos, AsianCajuns is back in business!

8 thoughts on “In which I (inadvertently) wear two pairs of underwear”

  1. I once ran around the office, and a restaurant at lunchtime, with a pair of tights hanging out the back of my pants. And joy of all joys! It was the crotch part.

    I feel your pain.

    1. Haha! Thank you for the commisseration, CHLCGIRL! I am sure that I could easier pull at crotch/tight in the pants situation come fall and winter. Check hoodie and check pants before leaving house — got it!

  2. Haha! That is too funny. I’m hoping that nobody saw that, otherwise, they should have spoken up. I’m one of those that will tell someone if they have spinach in their teeth because I’d like the same courtesy back!

    1. I really appreciate when people speak up too, Kaolee! I kind of hope someone would have but I work in a big office and Seattle-ites aren’t big into speaking-up sometimes ;D

  3. You just made my morning 😀 That reminds me of the time I spent a job Interview with the chunky necklace having opened by itself and hanging halfway in my cleavage – nobody said a word!

    1. Ha! Why don’t people speak up when something like that happens?! Thank you for sharing your story, Kerstin!

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