Unintentional Minimalism

Like Cath said in her last post, we did not mean to take such a long hiatus from AsianCajuns. While Cath has been going through a bit of a rough patch in Atlanta, we’ve had a steady stream of visitors to Seattle, packed and moved apartments, traveled to Vancouver twice, Edinburgh and Amsterdam, and D.C./Maryland.

But busy times, as fun as they may be, always leave me feeling discombobulated. I have a hard time settling down with my own thoughts and after living out of suitcases and boxes for a while, I start to feel really disconnected from everything — including blogging and trying to live with less.

Even though I’ve lived abroad and traveled a lot, I am still, at heart, a nester and homebody. So I always feel more anxious and disconnected when moving and traveling, and Matt and I have crammed in all the above these two months.

Today is my first full day in our new place since we moved in three weeks ago. It’s still empty and not decorated — and very unintentionally minimalist — but do you want to see it?




vanity-new    kitchen-new  diningroom-new

I am honestly not trying to do the white minimalist trendy look. I do not think you have to live with that aesthetic to be a minimalist or when creating a life where you live with less. My true style is more squishy sofas and cottagey-sized rooms, but our nomadic apartment-living these past five years hasn’t really leant itself to my granny aesthetic. So, in the meantime, it’s simple and open (and easy to move) until I move into this dream home or apartment.

11 thoughts on “Unintentional Minimalism”

  1. Beautiful! But I also appreciate that there can be more than one aesthetic attached to minimalism. Hope Cath is alright. Thinking of you guys.

    1. I totally might have not shot that pile of dirty laundry in the corner ;D
      Thank you, CL!

  2. As much as I love travelling, I too feel out of sorts when travelling too much back-to-back. It always takes me a few days to get back to my routine once I get back home and if I have to leave before getting back into it, I somehow feel it worse the next time I return home.
    I can’t believe you were in Amsterdam and I missed it again (sorry if it was on Instagram, have been very lax with Instagram ever since I took a social media break in March/April. I am on facebook, but much less than I used to be). One of these days we’ll meet up when you are in my town.

    1. Hi Michelle!
      Oh don’t worry! I would have definitely gotten in touch if I was in Amsterdam — I should have clarified. Matt got to be in Amsterdam (and Groningen) while I was in Maryland. Wish I had been there.
      I loved, loved, loved Amsterdam when I was there last year, so I know we’ll get to go back soon!

  3. Vancouver is always happy to have you. 😉 I totally know what you mean though—I crave do-nothing time at home and nowadays I intentionally carve out at least a couple evenings a week of just that.

    Apart from the minimalist whiteness, your apartment looks like it gets a lot of natural light! Always a plus. 🙂

    Sending good vibes Cath’s way…

    1. Awww, thanks, Lisa!!!
      I do think it’s part of getting older or maybe just leading busier lives with more responsibility. Down time always feels like such a luxury, doesn’t it?

  4. Ahhhh, the stress of moving. Kudos to you to having visitors and making time to travel during this time. I don’t think I could do any of that while packing/moving/unpacking/decorating.
    Also, I really like your dining table/chairs. 🙂

    1. Oh I’m not sure I did it with much grace, Diane! I think I was a zombie ;D Thank you though!

  5. Hi there! Just discovered your blog and enjoying reading all your posts! Your apartment looks dreamy.

    Curious as to where you got your table and chairs? They are just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

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