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Hi Dear Readers, so sorry to leave you in the dark for two months. This summer has been busy and not-so-great for me personally. Without getting into details, just know that I never meant to leave AsianCajuns gathering dust and have been itching to get back into blogging for a while. In fact, I had this post partially done in late May and was excited to share it. And since I’m not ready to get into personal nitty gritty details online, let’s just jump right into the post, shall we?


My makeup collection has tripled in the past two years. I blame all the amazing YouTubers out there that make the latest and greatest blush/foundation/primer look completely transformative. Plus, I am always tempted every time I go into a drugstore to pick up a “cheap” lipstick (which is never that cheap and adds up fast, btw).

I started to feel overwhelmed by all the items I had cluttering my vanity (a.k.a. an Ikea desk and makeup mirror). So I figured the time had come for me to minimize my makeup collection.


I sorted my makeup into three piles (left to right): items that spark joy and/or I wear frequently, items that were expired and just needed to be tossed, and items that I would give away, give to friends or bring to work.


Since my desk vanity was getting so cluttered on the top and my shoebox storage solution wasn’t cutting it, I decided to purchase a Helmer drawer unit from Ikea to keep everything stashed away. You can’t tell from the photo above, but after cleaning out my collection, I had tons of room left over in my brand new Helmer to store other necessities: a couple of phone chargers, essential oils, and lint roller, etc.


The only things on the top of my vanity now are my (ahem, unwashed) brushes, perfume, and some jewelry. I know it might still seem too busy for some, but it’s made the world of difference to me. Just like cleaning out my closet, cleaning and reorganizing my makeup has made getting up in the morning much less stressful.


Since this cleanout happened over two months ago, I’ve been able to keep my vanity looking organized and clutter-free without having to try too hard. I now feel like I really use all the makeup that I’ve purchased over the past year or two and have yet to miss any items I threw or gave away.

Maybe someday I’ll truly join the minimalist makeup bandwagon (using the bare minimum products daily), but I still love playing around with a concoction of stuff and would get bored of wearing the same exact thing every day.

17 thoughts on “Makeup Cleanout”

  1. It usually says at the top of the post who wrote it, but it just says Asiancajuns this time. You usually take turns writing pieces, but even so I want to say that this sounds like Cath to me…?
    Anyway, sorry to hear things haven’t been great for you, that sucks 🙁

    1. You’re so right!! It is me (Cath) 🙂 I’ve fixed the post so now you really know who wrote it!
      Things have definitely sucked, but I believe they’re getting better. I’ll go into more detail once I know for sure that things are getting better. xoxo

      1. Happy to hear things are looking up, sending positive thoughts your way that they continue to go up!
        I thought it was you Cath, you ladies definitely have distinctive “voices”.
        Take care, M.

  2. Worried about you! I hope things get better soon. The makeup organization looks great. And, frankly, I always find organizing makes me feel like my life is in control even when my emotions or circumstances aren’t so orderly.

    1. You’re so right, Amy! Organizing my makeup has totally helped destress me. I can just image when organizing and cleaning out my whole kitchen will do – that’s next on the list!

  3. Was so excited to see a new post, excited to read about it (your before is my aspiration!) but sad to see that it’s been a tough few months…. Sending nothing but good thoughts your way!!

    1. Thank you so much – you’re always so sweet and supportive! Things are getting better but slowly. Blogging again has definitely helped things!

  4. Hey! Hope everything is well. Since being a stay at home mom, my make up is seriously bare minimum. I’ve been focusing more on skin care these days, but I think my skin is happy with that lol.

    1. What skin care has been working for you? I find that I spend more time looking in the skin care aisles at the store more than makeup aisles!

  5. Cath! I am sorry to hear you’ve had a bumpy summer but so glad to see you on here. Your vanity looks great! And why is it so hard for me to toss eye shadow I have had for 10 years???

    1. I feel the same way about eye shadow! It helped to read up on how long you’re suppose to keep makeup. If I know there’s bacteria build up when things get too old, then it’s easier to toss it. Also, i try to buy mostly powder products because they last longer than gels and creams.

  6. Hooray for Asian Cajuns being back!!! I have to admit, I was getting a little worried there…but I’m one to talk. I guess I just took an unintentional hiatus too! Oops!!!

    1. I know, Diane! Isn’t it so easy to do without realizing it? I feel like this spring/summer has been so busy I haven’t had a second (until recently) to think of the blog and I missed it.

      Hope you are having a fabby summer!


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