Cath’s Winter Uniform

Alright. I don’t really have a uniform. I just have a version of what I would wear every day if I didn’t have to go to work and could just bop around town eating at restaurants, visiting museums, going to see movies, and hanging out at bookstores.

Here’s my uniform math: skinny jeans + loose-ish top(s) + flat boots or oxfords.


At some point, I would love to develop a work uniform like Matilda Kahl. If I ever find the perfect work blouse (looks like silk, but is machine washable, doesn’t bunch in weird places when sitting down, doesn’t wrinkle, is fitted but not tight, etc.), I’ll buy it in bulk. Same goes for black trousers that fit perfectly. These pants are close to perfect, but they get baggy around the knees throughout the day. If you have the perfect work uniform, leave me a commit. I need some inspiration!

13 thoughts on “Cath’s Winter Uniform”

  1. Oh my gosh, Cath! Your hair looks so perfect and you look tres cool! I never look like that walking the streets (in the non-lady-of-the-night manner) of Seattle. Usually I have a backpack on and am sweaty-faced clomping up a hill with my hair in a clip. Your uniform dressing so inspires me.

    My work uniform is actually a tee or blouse tucked into a high waisted skirt and tights. The high waist looks professional (dresses up a tee) but sits above the stomach, allowing for generous packed office lunches. Oh and black wedges that match the tights.

    xoxo, Lar

    1. I need some more high waisted options. A lot of my pants sit on the largest part and have a tendency to role over if I’ve had too much to eat 😀

      The only reason i don’t have a backpack is because I drive around way too much! If I walked as much as you, I would definitely backpack it over a purse.

  2. The hair is so cute Cath!
    My work uniform is often jeans (my office is fairly informal), with a tee paired with a smart jacket or a blouse or top and flat boots or sandles in the summer. If I have or want to dress it up a little I wear my fave pants from sissy-boy ( and a blouse with or without a smart jacket.
    My wardrobe is pretty much in flux right now, have lost nearly 30lbs since last April and over the course of the year have had to regularly buy new clothes, nice but also expensive. I am about 10lbs away from my goal now and am not going to buy new clothes till I am at my goal. This somewhat limits my wardrobe (For instance, I have 6 trousers I can wear), but I am making due for now and will get more variety when I am at the weight I want to be.

    1. 30lbs?! That’s amazing!

      Where do you usually purchase your blouses? I always end up with something from H&M and Zara, but they’re never pieces that I really love. I need inspiration!

      1. My fave brands at the moment are sissy boy, benetons, g-star, tom tailor and s oliver. Not sure how ethical they are, mostly they seem ok, but find it hard to tell sometimes. I am short, but have quite big boobs, so I often have to slightly alter my clothes, just basic stuff like hemming trousers mostly, but sometimes I take in or add a dart to blouses as well. I have a sowing machine so can do it myself, but I do occasionally get lazy and bring them to a tailors close to my parents house that are good, quick and reasonably priced.

  3. Hmm, just read the Mathilde Kahl article… Interesting, but while I cannot imagine wearing the exact same thing every day, I have played with the idea (read thought about, but never implemented) of a mon-tue-wed-thu-fri outfit in the past for the work week. 5 outfits, one for each day. A little Sheldon-esq, but also more variation, but similarly less stress. Hmmm, maybe something to seriously think about for my wardrobe once I have lost those last lbs’.

    1. I really like the idea of having a specific outfit for each day of the week. or maybe five work outfits that you just switch up and wear them on different days of the week. I’ve thought of it too, but have never loved five complete outfits enough to commit!

  4. Love your hair in these photos, Cath!

    My work uniform is basically whatever I wear in my off time as well. (Ah, the benefits of working in IT!) Lots of skinny denim and flat shoes.

    1. I totally try to get away with wearing skinny jeans at work, even when it’s not casual Friday. I just hate work trousers – they never look good on me. I should have persued a career in IT. At least I didn’t go into law!

  5. I love the idea of a uniform, but I couldn’t do the same exact outfit every day. Instead, I mostly have pared down my closet to the same few colors: black, gray, brown, green, white and blue/denim (with a few vintage flannels bringing in a bit of red). Everything is a variation of those colors, so everything tends to play nicely together. To work I mostly wear black/gray/brown (business professional attired) that mixes/matches with my more casual clothes for my side job (owning a shop) and play. I like that I can mix textures and styles but the colors always work together and I don’t have to think too much. Avoiding overthinking in the morning when getting dressed it the key to keeping my sanity and starting my day off on the right foot. I am LOVING these posts and the change in the blog from y’all. Thank you!


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