Favorite Item: Gray T-Shirt

I ran out and bought this gray t-shirt last August when I was visiting Lar in Scotland and my luggage was lost for two days. I was trying desperately not to spend too much on the trip, so I grabbed the cheapest t-shirt I could find at Primark – I think it was on sale for $5. I never thought I would love it so much. It’s not cut like a cheap shirt. The back piece is slightly longer than the front so I never have that annoying gap between my shirt and my jeans when I’m sitting down and the sleeves are the perfect length. Plus the folded sleeves make it feel more pulled together and the level of non-snugness is perfection.

I know it’s silly to love a t-shirt so much, but it’s rare to find a gem when you’re in a rush and just desperate not to wear dirty laundry for the second day in a row while traveling. If only I had known how much I would grow to love this shirt – I would have bought five more to replace my other t-shirts. Since Primark doesn’t have an online shop in the states, I don’t think I’ll be getting my hands on another beloved t-shirt anytime soon. Although, come to think of it, that’s probably for the best. Primark represents the whole fast fashion world that I’m trying to get away from. While they’re not the worst company as far as ethics go, they’re not anywhere close to the best either. So, I’ll love this shirt to bits while it lasts and then try to find a more ethical replacement for it down the road.

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  1. I love being able to identify items like this, even if the exact replacement isn’t available. It helps me to look for a similar item at “ethical” places or to be okay with buying a sturdy version that’s not because I know it will last me a long time and get a lot of use (less preferable but it’s the real world and it happens).

    1. Let me know if you find a good ethical version. Next time i need a classic t-shirt, I’ll try one of the t-shirts from Everlane. I have a cardigan and rain jacket from Everlane, but i haven’t tried their shirts. I’ll report back!

  2. I really like the new direction of these favourite item posts! They feel so much more personal and interesting than run-of-the-mill #ootd posts.

    1. Thank you Lisa! That’s what Lar are trying to do – be more personal and real. I’m tired of blogs filled with #ootd posts – especially when half the items are sponsored so they’re not really the blogger’s favorites.

  3. Hi Cath! So I had no idea you were so in love with that Primark shirt. I will keep a look out for one similar that’s more ethical. I’ve been working on our resource list and will hopefully find an option soon!
    You look beeyoootiful as always!
    xoxo, Lar

    1. Yeah, I didn’t think much of it when I got it – only that it was cheap! I’m actually surprised it’s held up so well since it’s been through a lot of wears and laundering. I’ll be on the lookout for an ethical version too, but tell me as soon as you find something similar!

  4. I love that you wrote a post about a grey t-shirt because a while back so did I. haha. It was actually an Everlane tee. One of your readers commented about their disappointment with Everlane tees, but I love them with one exception. Over the last year and a half or so I’ve owned 5 of their tees. 4 of them have washed and held up really well (cotton V, U neck, and box cut). The one I did not like was the Ryan tee. It pilled terribly. Tell us what you think if you get any.

    1. I’ll definitely let you know since that’s where I’ll be purchasing my t-shirts from the next time I need one. I’m glad you told me about the Ryan tee, because that’s actually the one I’ve been eyeing for a while. I’ll try the cotton ones instead – and I’m sure you’ll get my full review on the blog once I do!

  5. I love the new direction of your website. I have recently begun the process of cleaning out my closet and keeping those items that I truly use. Sad to say I discovered that a lot the things I purchased is for my imaginary life and not the one I lead. Trying to teach myself to be more mindful when I shop.

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