Time for A Change


For the past few years, Lar and I have been struggling with AsianCajuns.com for a while. We started this blog eight years ago as a kind of lifestyle/fashion/all-things-we-like blog. Then it became almost exclusively about fashion. And then when Lar moved abroad it became about staying in touch and sharing our separate lives and the focus was a mix of fashion, travel and food.

Now that Lar is back in the states (best thing ever, btw) we no longer feel a need to share our lives with each other through blogging because we can actually talk to each other every single day. Plus, fashion just really isn’t our thing anymore. Let me rephrase. Fast, trendy fashion isn’t our thing anymore. At the ripe old age of 32, we’re no longer excited by trips to Zara, H&M (et. al.). Staying on trend is no longer thrilling. In fact, it now feels a little depressing.

This change has come about slowly and for a number of reasons. We’re getting older and wiser – or at least we are getting older. And that means things like travel, owning a home, saving up for furniture and other adult things have taken priority over clothes.

Growing up I was always the more practical twin and in college Lar was the one who was always buying tons of cute clothes. When she moved abroad, I became the twin with all of the clothes and billions of accessories while Lar while was the poster child for minimalism. Then Lar got the KonMari bug. Then I did. And now we’re much more conscious of the clothes we buy. I still probably have more clothes than Lar, but significantly less than I had even a few months ago. On top of all of this, the whole capsule wardrobe, zero waste home, ethical consumerism, and minimalism movements have totally got us excited – as excited as we used to get about trendy fashions.

So with all that being said, Lar and I are moving AsianCajuns in a more focused direction. We want it to become our experiment space where we can share our journey of living more simply. That doesn’t mean we’ll turn into monotone minimalists that live in perfectly edited Scandinavian-inspired homes – not even close! We’re human after all. Humans that are on relatively tight budgets and are fans of a lived-in look that’s not perfect.

The first category we’ll be focusing on will be clothes because we still love clothes. And even though we’ve both cleaned out our closets, there’s still a lot more to explore. We’re both intrigued by the idea of a capsule wardrobe. So we’ll be blogging about what we have, how we make it work, and why we decide to buy certain items if and when that happens.

I hope you can join us on our journey and find it interesting. Even though we’ve been mulling over the future of our a blog for a while now, one of the things that we’ve consistently loved about it is our readers. The blogging world is an amazing (albeit shrinking) community that means so much to us. So stay in touch and let us know what you think!

P.S.: As Lar has mentioned in previous posts, we’ll have a new design up soon to reflect our changing direction. Plus, we’ll start posting regularly once we’ve worked out all of the backend kinks.

15 thoughts on “Time for A Change”

  1. I’m excited for this new phase of AsianCajuns! I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years, and I’ve really enjoyed seeing you both change as you grow older and wiser. 😉 (I’m just a few years behind you, so I can totally relate to your change in priorities.) Congratulations and good luck with the transition!

  2. I’m a few years ahead of you, so I too understand the shift in priorities. I have been enjoying your blog now for a couple of years and am looking forward to your next chapter – good luck ladies!

  3. Excited! Minimalism is my passion too and I’m happy to see the blog evolve – although I did really like all of its previous versions too. 🙂

  4. I am super duper crazy excited about this direction, ladies! I think that it’s a natural progression to be more mindful about the way we live as we get older (at least that is the hope, right?) I can’t wait to see what you have in store as you both have been such an inspiration to me! That said, I’ve been wanting to try Marie Kondo’s techniques ever since I read Lar’s post– and now I’m even more inspired do really start! Hugs to you both!

  5. I am excited to see where you ladies take us! I, too, am so excited about zero waste home and conscious consumerism at the same time as I finally want to have a more put together look. It’s a challenge but worth it, right? Anyway, glad to be along for the ride!

  6. Cath, Thanks so much for summing up our change so well. I can’t wait to embark on this new AsianCajuns venture with you! xoxo, Lar

  7. I’m very excited about the direction that the blog will be going in. Definitely agree with Laura above, this seems to be a very natural progression and those are always the best kind because you can really see the growth in people and that makes it exciting for the reader. I feel like so many blogs strive for that “authentic” voice that it almost comes across as condescending or pandering to the audience but I’ve never felt that way here. If anything, I feel like, YES! we’re in the same groove (could be that we’re about the same age, lol).

    Apologies for the rambling above, but needless to say, I’m looking forward to seeing what you ladies come up with!

  8. I love this idea. Most of us are working with a limited budget and limited wardrobe and I for one am really more interested in fun ideas to remix what I have than the new expensive thing I could buy if I wanted to waste money on it.

  9. Happy New Year, AsianCajuns! I’ve been going through similar shifts in priorities myself. Looking forward to seeing the new direction your blog takes. 🙂

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