December Already?!


Hi Lovely Readers,

Thank you for your patience as we work toward the new AsianCajuns. Cath and I have been so excited coming up with our new idea(s) and posts that are in the works. Right now we’re just tinkering away on getting some schnazzier stuff happening in the background.

In addition to AsianCajun-ing, I’m still frolicking in what is left of the autumn leaves in Seattle (see photo). Cath is finishing up her very last week as a master’s student at Georgia State — huzzah!

This December, we hope you are enjoying lots of mulled wine, chocolate gelt and lots of hygge-ing! We can’t wait to start afresh with you guys in the new year!


Lar (and Cath)

7 thoughts on “December Already?!”

  1. Were you attacked by crows after this pic?! I hope not!

    Is that scarf new?

    Thank you for all of the work you’ve been doing on our little blog while I finish up with school – only two more days!!!! I cannot wait for the refresh and am even more excited we get to see each other in less than 20 days so we can hygge together!!!

    1. Hahaha! No crows because I was with Matt. They only attach when you’re at your most vulnerable and alone ;D

      And yes, eagle eyes! That’s a new scarf. Just from F21 after I thought I was going to get a job — whoops! But very nice and cosy.

      Hygge with you soooooon!


        1. Hi Mary!

          Isn’t hygge a wonderful concept? I wish I had known about it during the long, dark Scottish winters (seriously, Seattle’s winters are like Floridian summers in comparison). And thank you so much for linking the telegraph article — I hadn’t seen that one (I particularly like how they explain how to pronounce hygge — I’m going to try that with a Danish pastry stuffed in my mouth).

          Hope you have a wonderful “hyggelit” weekend!


  2. Can’t wait to see the new site- blogging has changed so much these past few years, eh? I’ve become pretty horrible at it, myself 🙂 Hope you’re loving Seattle and Atlanta, respectively ladies! Lar, I’m sad we never got to hang while you were in the UK. Whoops! Love to you both!

    Ashley xx

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