Sister Time


When Lar and I were little, our mom would dress us up the same. I mean, we were twin girls, what mom in her right mind wouldn’t? Lar and I never minded. Growing up as a twin and dressing like else was normal. We didn’t start dressing differently until we started picking out our own clothes at the mall – anyone remember Limited Too?!?!

Now that we’re full blown adults and are hardly ever together (sob!) we love wearing the same thing – or at least similar things – when we’re together. It just feels right! Of course we don’t look super twin-like now that Lar’s hair is legitimately curly and I can never come back from over plucking my eyebrows in the 90s – damn you, pink Tweezerman tweezers! But I still love looking similar – if not exactly alike.


Where: The Devil’s Advocate
Wearing: Old Navy tops


Where: The Hanging Bat
Wearing: H&M black cardigans, Truly Madly Deeply tanks from U.O.


Where: Rose Leaf
Wearing: Not really wearing the same thing in this pic, but we are drinking the same thing – Coconut Crunch juice (so good!)

Lar is still holidaying in southern England (check out her IG pics here), but I’ll get to see her again in a month. She’ll be visiting Atlanta before moving onto Seattle in the fall. That means I get to see her twice in one season – that never happens!

9 thoughts on “Sister Time”

  1. Yes! Limited Too! I’m not a big fan of justice as it’s too kiddish so I miss Limited Too (not for myself but for my future daughters haha).

    I’m in Vancouver, Washington so hit me up Lar!

    1. Kaolee, I’ll definitely get in touch once I’m on the west coast. I know Lisa of Solo Lisa lives in Vancouver — we’ll have to do a blogger meet-up!


  2. This makes me soooo happy and also miss you even more!!! I’m so glad we got to spend some more time in Edi together even if it was so short!

    Next month: we should dress alike as much as possible, deal?


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