Packing for a Not-So-Summery Vacation

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In less than two days (TWO!!!) I’ll be on a plane heading towards Lar/Scotland – woohoo! I’m so excited, it’s going to be impossible for me to concentrate at work for the next few days. Lar and I haven’t seen each other in person in almost 10 months. I never thought there would be a time in my life when I wouldn’t see my twin sister for more than 10 weeks let alone 10 months. Ridiculous.

Do you know what else is ridiculous? The whole week that I’m in Edinburgh, the high temperature will hover around 60 degrees (48 is the low) – and of course it’s suppose to rain the whole time. After experiencing weeks on end of 90 degree weather in Atlanta this summer, my brain can’t really remember what chilly weather feels like.

I studied abroad in Edinburgh and have visited Lar a couple of times since she moved across the pond so  you’d think I’d be more prepared for the difference in climate. But it wasn’t until I looked up the weather in Edinburgh for the next week and a half that I realized the cute, summery shoes I was planning to pack for my trip were not going to cut it. Add that to the fact that most of my suitcase is going to be filled with goodies for Lar, I don’t have tons of room for bulky boots (read: Hunters).

I’ve finally narrowed down my shoe selection to the four pairs pictured above.

1. Sneakers – I don’t even know what kind of Nikes these are. My friend gave them to me because they didn’t fit her and now they’re my favorite shoes to work out in. I plan on wearing these on the plane, so that’ll free up some room in the suitcase, and I’ll wear them on days we’re going to be doing a lot of walking as long as I can style them with an outfit that makes me look more like this than this. Also, Lar and I plan to go to her gym at least once while I’m visiting, so I can’t not bring sneakers.

2. J.Crew Factory Flats – I mentioned these in my 2015 Q1 Favorites post and I still love them. These are the most impractical shoes I’m bringing. They’re not great to wear when it’s raining and after walking around in them for hours my feet begin to hurt on the bottom, but I needed something that kind of looks fancy.

3. Mossimo canvas sneakers – I mentioned these in my 2015 Q2 Favorites. They’re not as on-trend as some of the other Van-like sneakers, but I think they’re perfectly generic. I know that doesn’t really sound like a selling point, but I like wearing non-statement shoes.

4. Mossimo boots – I know, I have a thing for Target shoes apparently. I just bought these, but I can’t find them online to include a link. I might be too old to pull off these suckers, but they’re really comfortable and have a little bit of a heel. Plus, they’re shorter and more compact that my winter boots. If I do end up pulling them off, I’ll include an outfit pic in a future post.

Holy moly. I can’t believe I just spent so space writing about four pairs of basic shoes. I haven’t even figured out what else I’m going to pack for the trip. I’m the type of packer that makes lists for everything – so much so that I don’t think I could physically pack without a list.

Here’s hoping I won’t get so caught up in list-making that I end up throwing everything in my suitcase at the last minute!

P.S.: I’m hoping Lar and I will find time to blog together this week, so there shouldn’t be a break in blogging. I’ll also try to Snapchat/Instagram the trip as much as possible so make sure to follow me at AsianCajunsCath.

9 thoughts on “Packing for a Not-So-Summery Vacation”


    I am definitely having a hard time concentrating, Kitcath!!! I can’t wait to see you guys! I wish it were Wednesday today! Every day I’ll wake up and wonder that, I think ;D

    I just wrote you a loooong email warning you about the weather — I should have known you’d be on top of it! I so hope it does warm up a bit for you, but maybe this will be good and keep you guys cool before you have to sweat again in the ATL.

    Those shoes are perfect for this weather. I switch between my black Cos booties and my silver Rachel Comey oxfords most days. I want those Target booties.



    1. I wish I had your shoes! I love those Cos boots and Rachel Comey shoes!!

      I seriously can’t believe I get to see you sooooo soon!!

      xoxo, Cath

    1. Seriously! After walking around outside a lot yesterday, I’m so excited for colder weather.

  2. That’s going to be so fun! I have a thing for Target shoes too. They are perfectly on point, price wise and style wise. Can’t wait to see what adventures you guys get on!

    1. I have so many Target shoes that I’ve worn to death! I have a feeling I might do the same with these two pairs.

  3. Those boots! Basically exactly what I’ve had on my wish-list for nights out. And to think! I was at a Target just over a month ago! Too late now. Target is one of those things I miss since I came to Edinburgh. Maybe I’ll get lucky and next time I am in the US they will still have those in stock. I found a similar styled pair in a local shop but at 80 GBP, I just couldn’t bring myself to purchase.

    Also, you’re not too old! I would wear them in a second, and I’ve got a couple years on you. Plus, this:

    My shoe list coming here was basically exactly what you just said, other than I caved and bought a pair of pumps on sale at Clarks since I arrived. You know, for dates out when I can spring for a taxi 😮 I’ll never understand those girls out in bitty heels on these cobbled hills.

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