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Dear Cath,

Scottish independence. Matt and I can’t vote, but we do feel lucky to be here during such a momentous decision for the country (“How many countries are in this country?”). We’ve both waffled back and forth over the issue. I do think Scotland needs much more equitable representation than it currently has in Westminster, but I wholly understand the economic fears people have of becoming independent.

And a much more superficial mibbe? These fuglies I’m wearing in the two top photos. I needed another pair of flats to wear around town as heels still kind of tug on my surgery sites (weirdest explanation for wearing flats ever? “I can’t, it hurts my left ovary.” Sure.). I came upon these buckled, pointy soles and thought Yes. Yes, I must have those. I’m not sure if they really work, but I still enjoy pairing them with girly things (i.e. pink, lace skirts — do you still have your navy version?). What do you say? Yes, naw, mibbe?

Love you more than JK loves togetherness,


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  1. A definite YES to the shoes! It totally punks up an outfit. And of course I still have my navy skirt, silly! It’s not super breath-able so I haven’t worn it too much in the summer, but I still love it. And I love, love, love the shoes.

    And a mibbe for Scotland just because I have no idea! I love the independence and Scottish pride vibe, but do question the economic viability. Then again, at the end of the day, I’m ‘merican so I don’t really know what Scottish independence really entails – I mean probably .5% of Americans know of the upcoming referendum and that’s being generous!

    My only naw vote would be for you staying in the UK – come home. YES! yes?

    xoxo, Cath

    1. YES! That’s my vote too — although I love the UK and feel so much at home here, it’s not where you are (and the fams and US friends and pups!).

      I can understand Americans being in the dark about independence. Remember where I thought Scotland was before I studied here (I shudder to reveal that aloud — ha!).



  2. Hey Lar, I came across your blog while googling endo blogs and I wanted to second what you say about flats – I am exactly the same. Heels are just not worth the pelvic pain I end up in! Love how you incorporate endo information into your posts – so happy to find someone else spreading awareness!
    Libby (from Australia.)

    1. Hi Libby!

      I’m so sorry I’ve missed your comment until now. It’s so good to hear when someone understands the weirdness that comes with living with endo.

      Thanks so much for reading!


  3. Lar,

    You look so beautiful, happy, and healthy. Looking at these pictures of you lately, and comparing them to where you were when we were in Italy, just makes me feel so happy and relieved that you are now fully back to your happy, healthy, normal self.

    Keep living the good life, and get back to us stateside soon!

    1. Thanks for such a sweet comment, BFOC. Last year, wearing that same skirt, in beautiful Italy, I did indeed feel terrible. I am very thankful to be feeling much better and I hope one day we can all go to Sant’Antonio together again — but healthy and well!


  4. Not that I have had fashion (without you and Cath dressing me) but if a shoe makes you feel comfortable and you enjoy adding it to outfit, then it seems perfect to me. Love you lady and miss you!

    1. Brie, pashaw! You’re jewellery making and make-up know-how, we learn from you!
      Miss you so much too, lady! So good to hear from you. I hope I get to see you when I’m home in August!

  5. THOSE SHOES! <3 I really love their pointiness and the cutout details. I think you're definitely on to something pairing them with girly stuffs!

  6. The whole thing is so confusing! I wish I knew more about it, but most everyone I know is completely apathetic to the Scottish Independence issue, at best (ahhh the South). I’m really interested in seeing what comes of it, it’s such a complicated topic and both sides have really strong points.

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