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Happy Friday! I’m keeping it simple today with some black and white inspiration (above) and a few links (below). What are you up to this weekend? I’ve got a lot of work and school work to do unfortunately, but Troy and I are going back to the General Muir and I can’t wait!

• Kate Mid is in Scotland this week (has she stopped by your flat for tea, Lar?) and naturally she wore a plaid coat.

• Life is Gouda – such a cute desktop wallpaper. Oh, and here’s another awesome wallpaper.

Maddie was in Decatur this week! I wish I had gotten to see her in person.

• The perfect summer sandal.

• Have you heard about this? I can’t even imagine Lar and I being separated at birth.

• Love Audrey Hepburn’s ping pong style.

2 thoughts on “TGIF Link Love”

  1. The story of the twin sisters made me cry- I just couldn’t imagine finding out that you have a long lost twin! I am so glad you girls have always known each other, but what an adventure they have ahead of them!

  2. Cath, where did you find that Audrey pic? And I was going to read about the twin sisters, but if it made Katie cry, then I can’t! Too hard being apart from you as it is!
    Love all your links!

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