Twin Love: the Cadbury Twins!

Neshah-and-Nyah-cadbury Neshah-and-Nyah

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting lots of wonderful people since starting AsianCajuns nearly six years ago: fellow bloggers, artists, writers, chefs, independent shop owners, stylists, designers, and musicians. But strangely enough, we’ve never met another pair of twins. I didn’t even realize this lack of doubles until I got an email a few days ago from the lovely Neshah Hines. Twin connection! The only down-side? It made me miss Cath even more than usual.

Neshah and her twinie Nyah are the new faces for Cadbury Creme Eggs (non-UK residents, you can catch their commercial below). This talented duo are fresh out of acting school and getting ready to take the world by storm. So why pay attention to this pair of soon-to-be-famous twins? Well, apart from Mary Kate and Ashley there really isn’t a set of identical twins acting together — and that seems surprising and sad, at least to our twin-centric minds. So just remember you heard it here first (from one set of twins about another): Neshah and Nyah Hines.

I did a mini-interview via email with these lovely ladies, so you could get to know them a bit better:

What’s it like working as actresses together (versus going solo)?
Nyah: It’s really cool to work with Neshah cause we’ve got such a unique bond. I love it!
Neshah: It’s kind of like working with yourself cause your around someone your so comfortable with. It’s just natural.
Do you prefer to work together rather than getting separate parts?
Nyah: I don’t mind working apart but I always prefer having Neshah with me because you have someone to bounce off and laugh with!
Neshah: I really love when Nyah is with me cause she will be completely honest with me and let me know what I’m doing well as well as how I can improve. It’s fine working solo though because I can always go back to Nyah at the end.
Dream acting jobs?
Both: Hollywood!
Nyah: I would really love to play a superhero or a Villain!
Neshah: I would love to be in really romantic chick flicks or maybe some spicy action films.
Who are your acting gurus/idols?
Nyah: Cameron Diaz! I love her amazing smile! She represents girl power!
Neshah: I have so many! Right now I love Amy Adams, I think she’s super talented! She can do everything!
Are you guys best friends?
Nyah: Yeh of course! We talk about everything. Its great!
Neshah: Yes we are! We are soo close and we have our fair share of tiffs just like best friends do.
Do you have a lifetime supply of Cadbury Creme Eggs?
Nyah: No, Only in my dreams! hehe
Neshah: OMG! I WISH! No we have to buy them like everyone else 🙁

Follow them on twitter: @Neshah_x and @Nyahbob



Dear Cath,

Oh my good lord, seeing Neshah’s and Nyah’s photos together make me miss you so much! We should have totally gone into acting — or something anything we could have done together and not been apart. How did we get to Economic Development Coordinator and Graphic Designer. Those rarely go hand-in-hand or look nearly as natural in head shots (remember our ballet headshots — gulp).

I hope more twins find us on the intertubes. Twin power forever!



3 thoughts on “Twin Love: the Cadbury Twins!”

  1. Yay twin power! I’m so glad Neshah and Nyah reached out to us – although it makes me miss you so much too! They don’t know how lucky they have it.

    Maybe we should go into acting, become rich and famous and then it wouldn’t really matter if we lived far from each other. We could just hop on our private jets and visit each other for tea.

    Sound like a plan? Let’s do it!

    xoxo, Cath

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