My Mom is Eddie Ross and Martha Rolled into One


This outfit here is just a way for me to talk about my mom’s great Halloween table decorations.

A few weekends ago, our mom had us over for brunch and had decorated the table for the season. Cath and I couldn’t stay as long as we liked because we had a photo shoot later that afternoon. The lovely people behind the shoot asked that we wear black and white, so I tossed on my Forever 21 sixties tunic (from a few years back- and actually pretty good quality for $30) and my thigh-highs. Cath wore this blazer outfit. (You like how – kinda, sorta – I tied this outfit to Halloween decor?).


Below- the real reason for the post! The table! 

Now I know lots of people do good tablescapes, but my mom whipped this out with a miniscule budget (I would guess under $10). 

The center piece is the retired cast of Nightmare Before Christmas– an assortment of characters from years past. The black water goblets and black plates are my mom’s wedding china (yes, really) from 27 years ago. 


The napkin rings are skeleton hands attached with black pipe-cleaners, and an assortment of plastic skulls and spider webbing are scattered over a length of black cheese-cloth.


My favorite part of the table are these skeleton candle sticks. My mom bought 6 brassy candle stick for $1 at a thrift store, spray-painted them matte-black, and hot glued these skeletons in different poses (skeletal yoga- so the candle wax wouldn’t hit them). And don’t you love black tapers? Morticia Addams would bes sooo  jealous.


My mom is quite possibly the most creative person I know; Martha Stewart with a heart, I like to say. Eddie Ross* should take notes.

*Both my mom and I love Eddie (and Martha) and are constantly inspired by both– I just like to be cheeky. And when Amelia and I met him last year, I was anything but (just giddy and star struck). Check it out here.

33 thoughts on “My Mom is Eddie Ross and Martha Rolled into One”

  1. Whoa. If I had a Halloween brunch my table would look like.a table. Kudos to mom-I could watch Ms. Stewart all day (we actually took my mom to a screening of her show in NYC once.) and still barely know what to do with a pipe cleaner.

    ps. No jade bracelets huh? My sister had one, but it had to come off for pastry school-no bracelets in the dough! Although she knows how to get it on and off, without too much pain. My other cousins have rocked it since they were pretty little.

    pps. I think I was pushing my luck with the security as it is. And as much as I’d like to think that my tattoo is ‘badass’ it’s hard to seem hard when it’s of a rabbit in a three piece suit.

  2. I LOVE The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s one of my favourite movies. It makes me feel like Christmas, and I love that it spans both holidays.

    It’s funny that a kids stop motion “horror” film (as my parents called it) can remind me of the holidays. Anything musical or Tim Burton reminds me of the holidays. I think I’d better get Edward Scissorhands now!

  3. That table is amazing!!! Wow, your mom is amazing. Why am I not surprised???

    Photo, you just gonna leave it at that? Did I miss something? Do tell, do tell! I love your tunic, missy. Isn’t great when F21 actually makes high quality stuff? I love it. You look amazing. I love the outfit head to toe – yes that pretty lil head of yours 🙂 And Cath’s too 🙂

  4. I sooooo love both your outfits, and even though I’m very familiar with your mom’s work ;-), the tablescape is amazing. As always!

  5. Great outfits – both of you! Love the tunic. really makes me wish we had an F21 over here. sigh. Still drooling about those thigh-highs you’re wearing. I can’t believe UO marked up their prices that much, although it’s even worse in Europe, where UO is generally 30% more expensive than the US.

    Your mom did an amazing job with the Halloween decorations! Those skeletons are adorable (in a creepy way of course 😉 and I love the fact your parents got black tableware as a wedding gift!

  6. Wow, love the creative Halloween decor! You look so chic in that top! Can’t wait to see you dolled up as Lady Gaga! I’m doing a loose interpretation since I’m working with clothes I already have in my closet. Hope you and Cath are having a great Thursday!

    xo, Becs

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