Springtime in London!


London is one of my most favourite places in the world. It’s one of those places I always feel at home — even though I’ve never lived there! I love the hustle and bustle of an international city mingling with gobs of history. I love walking down Brick Lane sniffing food stalls full of bubbling curries and freshly baked bread as much as I like people watching in Soho whilst slurping lemon, basil sorbet (because that’s a thing!) and oggling Matisses at the Tate Modern. Shops are always open, the people are always varied (and somehow seem more comfortable being awesomely eccentric than in other international cities I’ve been to) and museums are packed.

This past weekend, I saw a different side of London. Not only was it hot and sunny (can it still be considered part of the UK when it does that?!), but it also seemed so calm and beautiful. I spent a lot of time traipsing around Hyde Park and looking at trees sniffing roses. And on my last morning in the city, I finally found Leila’s Shop in Shoreditch where I had the most simple, but beautiful breakfast in the world (fried eggs with butter and sage and a side of crusty bread and out-of-this-world butter). I think of Leila like the Alice Waters of East London. The pics above of the peaches and sweet william are from her shop. I bought a peach — it smelled so peachy and tasted like sweet, syrupy heaven.

Nature and slow, simple living isn’t what I usually expect from one of the largest (and most expensive) cities in the world, but I love it just as much as the louder, busier sides of the city too.

My dream is to one day live in London (and magically move all my family and friends there too). Do you guys have a place that feels like home to you that isn’t actually where you’ve ever lived?

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    1. Oh I love both of those cities, Michelle! I definitely feel that way about Glasgow too (except for all that damn rain ;D). I was only in Barcelona a few days, but have to go back again. There’s something about being by the sea, isn’t there?

      1. Oh yes, absolutely! I am not much of a lying on the beach suntanning kind of girl, but I love swimming in the sea and I love walking along the boulevard/boardwalk.

  1. I love my African cities – Dar es Salaam, Cape Town, even tiny Gaborone, Botswana. they all feel like home, from the minute I stepped on their soil. It’s such a neat feeling!!! I’ve lived in Atlanta for so long now, and it still doesn’t feel like home to me. just a place I live until I find my next adventure!

    1. Hi CL!

      I would love to go to all your cities. My in-laws lived in Dar for a long time and loved it.

      I’m not sure Atlanta, as a place, has ever felt like home to me either — the people do, but not the place.

      Good luck on your adventure hunting!

      xoxox, Lar

  2. london is sooooo nice! i love it.
    but i think my favorite european city thus far is paris!!! i’m so excited that we’re going there in september. the only thing that would have made my last trip there better is if i spoke french.yeah, i still don’t. but my husband sort of does. phew!

  3. I love this post. I feel like I was there with you, walking in Hyde Park, smelling the smells of Brick Lane and munching on the freshest fruit at Leila’s. It’s insane to me that we haven’t been to London together in over a decade! Although I am kind of glad you got to experience London on your own.

    Both NYC and London feel like home to me – more than any other big city. I don’t know what it is, but I do love the mix of cultures.

    Some day we’ll eat at Leila’s together. Until then, we can be explorers in our respective cities – soon to include Seattle!

    xoxo, Cath

    1. I will always associate both New York and Edinburgh with you! I can’t believe we haven’t been to London together in so long. I think London might edge out New York for you too. I definitely prefer it to New York, but that is probably my British bias coming through.

      I can’t wait to explore Seattle with you! And you get to mini-explore SF this weekend! Jet-setter, you!


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