Sun in Our Bellies

One of my favorite places to go to Sunday brunch in Atlanta is Sun in My Belly. Just look at that delicious fruit and granola, and lox and bagel!

It was doubly delicious this past weekend because we met up with the genius sister duo behind the blog Whisk Away (hi, Nicole and Katie!). I hope you guys enjoyed the Boursin eggs and honey glazed bacon.

Ah ha! Tricked you guys! Here’s some “fashion” too (sorry, foodie purists)! In order to get to delicious food, we sometimes have to walk by toothy, hairy monsters. They are pretty nice once you explain to them that they will be on a “world famous” blog (sometimes you have to stretch the truth a bit when convincing monsters, especially those that carry big sticks).

On Lar/moi: Ella Moss dress • June Shin and Snoozer Loser necklaces • necklace worn as bracelet c/o Novica • thrifted leather woven purse • (old) Jeffrey Campbell shoes

On Cath: Athropologie tee • F21 pants • Madewell shoes • bag from a small boutique in New Orleans • Target sunnies

Hope you guys are having a great start to the week!


Most Delicious Fresh Juice Drinks in the ATL

Hello, Readers! Are there any of you out there that still read this blog for fashion? Again, I’m so sorry this has become so foodie-focused of late. Like I mentioned before, the stresses of moving overseas etc. make me much less interested in trends and shopping, and much more interested in eating lovely delicious foods. I’d much rather wait in line for the best burger or burrito in town than anxiously scan the internets for sightings of Alexa Chung’s latest Madewell line.

That said . . . on to more food! Fruit juice to be exact. I went to Soul Vegetarian in my hood (the West End), Scoutmob in hand, with some of my favorite peoples last week.

Oh look! Some fashion-y bits did make it in! This is what I wore to eat (note loose-fitting dress for maximum eating comfort).

I even made an effort to wear my favorite (and least comfortable) shoes. I’ve only worn them once before: my wedding day.

On Lar/moi: Sunnies from Target • Dress (or quite possibly a shirt) from Squash Blossom Boutique in Decatur • DVF shoes • J.Crew Outlet necklace (if you squint, you can see that it’s made of a series of breast-shaped marble beads – quite heavy – my husband thinks it looks like a fertility necklace. I hope to gawd it is not).

Above is my plate of soul food done vegan (didn’t think that was possible, did you?). I’m 100% not a vegan, but for being without some key ingredients that I usually love, this was a delicious plate of soul goodness. I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed it (see my so-cute-it-should-be-criminal nephew below):

But even if you aren’t a cute toddler or a vegan, you need to go to Soul Veg for their juice bar! I’ve never tasted a fresher more real fruit juice than this. They don’t add anything but a little bit of coconut milk and/or agave. Divine! Plus, they aren’t as crazy expensive as a smoothie you can buy with a bunch of not-so-healthy fillers (Smoothie King, I’m looking at you. Looking at you and frowning).

So, in conclusion, yummy food and drink and cute kids. Great fashion blogging done right, huh?



AsianCajuns Go Westward!

Oh lovely, lovely bags!  Bloomingdales threw a terrific shindig for the Current Elliot/Kate Spade collab called Westward. Unfortunately the bags are a bit spendy for our budgets, but they are definitely the sort of thing (classic with a whimsical twist) that we would save our pennies for. And it was so fun to play dress-up for a while. You likes “my” new bag?

We got to meet the lovely designers behind Current Elliot: Emily Current and Meritt Elliot – such sweet and talented ladies.

(Below) Cath taking a nip of a champagne:

We also got to meet one of the creative directors behind Kate Spade – loved her dress (Kate Spade of course):

Cath and I loved this Pride and Prejudice Kate Spade clutch:

And back by popular demand, our friend and fellow blogger Eli hamming it up for a Westward flip book (we’ll show you the flip books in a future postie):

Here was my favorite bag: the Westward Adventure Satchel. Ooo lala my dream bag. So classic and would look even better after a few years of wear:

Cath and I went on a sister/sister shopping trip through the mall after the partay. We both had mall gift cards to console our empty-handed walk-away from Westward. I almost ended up with this smushy cute bear from the baby section of Bloomingdales until Cath mentioned Zara, and I had to put him down (she also might have rolled her eyes and asked if I needed him in Scotland – or anywhere for that matter. Reason #97 for why I should always shop with my twinie).


More Yummy Things: Sweet Auburn Bakery

Readers, may I introduce you to Sweet Potato Cheesecake:

Where can you find this handsome devil-of-a-cheesecake? Like all great places of late (see this post and this post), Sweet Auburn Curb Market. I swear this Market isn’t paying me to gush over it’s vendors. They’ve never heard of AsianCajuns and probably like their anonymity (maybe?), keeps the rent down low. But come on! People have to know about killer burgers, delightful burritos, perfect ciabatta sandwiches, and sweet potato cheesecake!

Another gem to add to the delicious batch of perfect food stalls: Sweet Auburn Bakery.

Sweet Auburn Bakery opened in 2009, and is the sweet tooth’s dream when inside of the Sweet Auburn Curb Market (all the other food stalls are savory). I haven’t tried all their tasty treats, but I dream about the slice of cheese cake I had last week. Locals, it’s the perfect place to take out-of-town guests who want something they can’t get in their home towns. Non-locals, you have to try a slice when you come to visit, okay?

A few of our non-local readers asked about Southern desserts after reading this post. Sweet Auburn Bakery is a great place to start:

1) Sweet potato pie (with or without the cheesecake on top): it’s kind of like pumpkin pie – a rich-in-spice custard pie.
2) Red velvet (cup)cake: it doesn’t really have a special flavor, but it has a velvety red color and is dense like a chocolate cake, but usually made with a vanilla base and topped with cream cheese icing- yummeh!
3) Pecan pie: when done well, this pie is incredible – crumbly, buttery crust with pecans nestled in a buttery/caramelized sugar in the middle.

Okay, I promise to stop trying to become a foodie blogger! I think this has been a slippery slope for Matt and I. The more stressed we get before we move (kitchen renovations, visa applications), the more we take refuge in delicious foods close to home. I promise once I move to Scotland (and feel less like a stressed out chicken with it’s head cut off) I’ll do more than just eat my way through the country . I’ll drink too! Haha! Just kidding. I’ll throw some walking in so I don’t die of a heart attack right away.

P.s. Hope to see you guys at Bloomingdales tonight for the Westward (Current Elliot + Kate Spade) party!

Sweet Auburn Curb Market: Have You Guys Been Yet?

Cath and I have blogged about Sweet Auburn Curb Market before (just last week and last year) because it’s THAT good. And I feel like it’s one of Atlanta’s best kept secrets. It’s not nearly as shiny and big as Seattle’s Pike Place Market, nor is it nearly as touristy. And I don’t get why not! It’s walking/MARTA distance to touristy stuff in the heart of downtown Atlanta and chock-a-block full of history: you can walk to Dr. Martin Lurther King, Jr,’s old office and home from here.

And let’s talk about the food! You can buy a month’s worth of collards here (I’m gonna miss those bitter greens when I get to Scotland- mmm!) and your whole pigs (see photo above/ poor piggies, why must you taste so yummy). You can also find some of the tastiest food stands/restaurants right in the market: Bell Street Burritos, Cafe Campesino Coffee Bar, tons of soul food, Sweet Auburn Bakery (more on that in the next post), and Grindhouse Killer Burgers.

A peanut butter and chocolate milkshake from Grindhouse (OMG, heavennn!!!):

Grindhouse burger (these are my absolute favorite burgers in Atlanta. Sorry Farm Burger and Yeah! Burger, ya’ll are good, but Grindhouse makes me think “vegetarian” is a dirty word):

They also have turkey burgers (delicious) and veggie burgers (surprisingly haven’t tried those yet – sorry, cows and gobbles!):

One of many vegetable stalls hiding behind some mysterious mosquito netting:

And that’s the weird thing about this place. Even with so much delicious food and fun things to do (like carrying around armloads of collards and trying to decide if turkey necks look edible), Sweet Auburn Curb Market has got a lot of empty space. See unemployed dishwasher below:

An empty Ciao Boca (why? you look so delicious):

Here are some more empty corners, soon to be filled to the brim with eager Atlantans and Tourists after reading this postie, right? Fingers/toes crossed!

I’m sorry to inundate you guys with so many foodie posts, but apart from hanging out with Kitcath and friends and family, I just want to eat my way through Atlanta in the next month. They’ll have to roll me off the plane once we get to Scotland – thank goodness I’ll have to walk everywhere.

Next post? Sweet Potato Cheesecake. It’s as good as it sounds and probably something you can’t find outside of the ATL. Come on down, ya’ll!

Closet Purge Update and Unrelated Photos

A few weeks/months ago, I mentioned I was starting to purge my closet in prepping for my move to Scotland. Well, have I ever! I’ve made several trip to Rag-o-Rama, the West End Good Will, and Second Life (proceeds go to cats and doggies looking for a good home). And last week, Cath and I stopped by Heather’s clothing swap (thanks, Heather! We had a such a good time!).

With all that purging, I have whittled my entire wardrobe (summer and winter clothes) down to a set of dresser drawers and a weenie 1920s closet (see this post for the closet size). Are you not impressed?! (Sorry for the self-back-patting, but that’s pretty good, right?). And! That’s not all. All of my much-loved summer clothes will be going to Cath when I move (cuz I sure as heck won’t need shorts and stiletto sandals in Scotland). Take away that chunk of summer clothes, and I should just be able to fit everything into two suitcases. Yup. Two measly suitcases for 1-3 years.

In the meantime, I’ve been wearing my favorite summery outfits so that I don’t miss them too much. See those strappy red/magenta/purple stilettos (in the pics below)? Going to Cath. That pink Zara skirt? Cath. Maybe that will make the blow of moving thousands of miles away a wee bit softer? I hope so, Kitcath!

On Cath: H&M vest and tank • Limited skirt • Aldo shoes • thrifted Long Champ bag

On Lar/moi: Large-sized tee from Target • Sunnies are a present from Cath • Zara skirt • Payless (yes, Payless!) shoes

Oh here’s that AsianCajun necklace again! Sorry, guys, just can’t help it! I love how Cath always perfectly pairs her’s with another necklace. The second necklace is from our favorite jeweler June Shin. I love the little carriage – just whimsical enough without being too cutsey.


AsianCajun Thieves? “Parish” the Thought!

Cath and I have been trapped in our respective homes this weekend painting (Cath her closet, moi my kitchen). But we managed to slip in a bit of sister time and do a bit of (window)shopping and get a little nosh.

On Cath: Target hat • Alternative Apparel T-shirt • Thrifted belt • J Brand jeans • Mia clogs • thrifted Longchamp purse

On Lar: Target sunnies • French Connection for Sears cargo vest • Snooser Looser quarter-holder necklace • AA shorts • thrifted Anne Klein oxfords

We didn’t have much time after “licking the windows,” so we hopped on over to one of our favorite restaurants/markets in the Highlands for a quick tasty treat. Unfortunately, our flaky pastries were a bit bitter – in the metaphorical sense. Upon purchasing said goodies, I was given the incorrect change. When I explained the situation (“oops! think you forgot a dollar”), the mademoiselle behind the counter said “I’m sure I gave it to you, but I guess I’ll give you another one.” Right O. This was after repeating my order a few times (“Two raspberry croissants, please!” Very complex) because she would start talking to other wait-staff mid-order. Alrighty roo.

On to Kitcath and her ill-fated cafe-au-lait ordering. After purchasing said drink (with a card, smart lady), Cath was standing near the register, stirring in her sugar, when the same charming mademoiselle said, “Did you take the receipt you were supposed to give to me?” Mind you, she could have said “Oh! Did I give you the wrong receipt?” Or even, “Is there a chance I gave you both copies of the receipt?” She decided against the less accusatory tact and went straight for the I’m-not-very-good-at-this-whole-customer-service-thing route. She did manage to find the receipt by the register a few moments later. Well done.

Nothing earth-shatteringly rude, ’tis true. But it was enough to turn us off our ‘au laits and $3.50 croissant, and actually make us think this isn’t a place we’ll be returning to any time soon. We have had pretty good service at this establishment in the past and the food is pricey but worth it. until today.

Has that ever happened to you? Just a mini bad experience that taints a place? Locals, if you know where we’re hinting/talking about, let us know what you think! Maybe we’re being too quick to judge.

Poor, unwitting, raspberry croissant! It wasn’t you, it was your madame!

On to the next sister adventure! (We promise they’ll be more Southern charm next time and less peeved AsianCajuns ;)).

Eat and Eat and Eat and Eat and Eat.

Happy Friday, lovelies! Thank you for the wonderful comments from the last post. Cath and I don’t really like to think about the moving-away-from-each-other part of this exciting Scotland move, and all of your words are so encouraging! Once I move to Scotland we do plan to change AsianCajuns a bit. The blog will be more like letters to each other about our experiences across the pond. We’ll still have fashion and food galore, but just shaken up in a slightly different format. Whatcha think?

In the meantime. food! Apart from spending gobs of time with our peeps, Matt and I are trying to eat our way through Atlanta and Decatur. This is not the most cost-conscious thing to do, but we are using the excuse that our kitchen is all torn up and unusable, so we might as well try all those delicious food places we have yet to lick our chops at. It’s a bit like playing tourist in your own backyard (cameras strapped-around-necks included).

We managed two yesterday. Delicious!

First up, Bell Street Burritos inside of the Sweet Auburn Curb Market (how is this place not more of a tourist/local destination?! It is ah-mazing!). To be truthful, Matt and I found the burritos a little on the bland side, so make sure when you go to bring a bottle of your favorite condiment: mine is Hot Squeeze. Burrito, meet Hot Squeeze. Hot Squeeze, meet Burrito. Match made in heaven, that.

Next up: Cakes and Ale’s Bakery in Decatur!

On Lar: thrifted Brooks Brothers shirt • Zara shorts • Deux Lux purse • Mango booties • Target sunnies

We’ve been so impatient for their grand opening that we decided to pop in yesterday during their soft launch. Come next week they’ll have pastries and sandwiches galore. We whetted our appetites with a peach tart, rosemary monkey bread (oh-so-gawdly-good) and some coffee.

Matt and I also plan to hit a few other places that need to be drooled over before we leave town: Holeman and Finch, Cakes and Ale (the restaurant), Sugar-Coated Radical, more Miso Izakaya of course, and a number of places off Buford Highway and in Duluth. Locals, any recommendations to add? We’d love to hear them!

What do you guys have on tap for the weekend? If you’re free and fancy a hop over to the West End (of Atlanta), I have a few handy paintbrushes that would love to be put to work in my kitchen! I kid! (I think). Here’s my plan: paint one more layer on cabinets, reward with Grindhouse burger, paint kitchen walls, reward with dim sum. Good plan, right?

Twinsies Together – For One More Month!

Matt and I bought our tickets for our big move to Scotland – flying out of the ATL Sept. 21. That gives me just over a month to 1) finish the kitchen remodel 2) get rid of, or pack away, most of my belongings and, most importantly, 3) spend time with all the people I love. So I’ve been trying to work on #3 as much as I can: see this post’s pics for confirmation. 

On Lar/moi (left): thrifted dress worn as top via Ramona West • AE shorts • Duex Lux purse • Unleashed espadrilles • Target sunnies
On Cath (right): Top is Son of John • UO shorts • Madewell shoes • thrifted Longchamp purse • freebie sunnies from college orientation
Twinsie photos by Troy Cono 

I have a little confession to make about my short hair-cut. I don’t like it. Not how it looks or the way it was cut (lurve my stylist). I just can’t control the natural body/wave of my hair at this length. You can see in these photos that I’ve beaten it into submission with a hot iron and a hair pouf, but I hate high-maintenance hair. That said, Cath makes it look gorgeous (see below), don’t you think? She just washed it and let it air dry and it has perfect Alexa Chung waves. Shouldn’t our hair act the same? I mean we do share the same DNA and whatnot – come on, Lar hairs, make like Cath hairs and stop freaking the &^%$ out!

The above image is a close up of the fabric of my dress-worn-as-a-top. I looove the marbly paper pattern and the gold with the pops of color.

Just let me know if you are getting sick of photos of our AsianCajuns necklaces Cath got us for our birthday – I just loves them. Who knew it was so easy and painless to brand yourself.

‘Scuse these last two images, they are a bit random and for a selfish purpose. Even though I still have a month left in Atlanta, I’m already getting nostalgic for all things Southern. I want to remember summer flowers and the Georgia evening sun when I’m living by sun-lamp in cloudy ole Scotland. This first photo is from a yard in Oakhurst, a neighborhood in Decatur. The second photo is an image of my backyard, looking out of my bedroom window (cue premature nostalgic sigh).


So let the countdown begin. One more month of twinsie togetherness (cue massive and absolutely warranted sigh).


Cath Gets a Rain Barrel (and goes Westward)

After a long, rough week at work I spent most of my weekend recovering, cleaning the house, hanging out with friends, and relaxing. The only obligation I had was an one-hour rain barrel workshop. It was at 10 a.m., which is early for me on a Saturday. I rolled out of bed and was about to put on shorts and a t-shirt, but reached for this sundress instead. Dresses are a little more forgiving on the ol’ waist (no muffin top, woot, woot!). The dress is a little low cut for Saturday morning, so I added the shirt at the last minute.

Turns out getting up for a rain barrel class early on a Saturday is completely worth it. I’ve been wanting a rain barrel for some time, but didn’t really realize how great they are until I attended the workshop. Did you know that rain barrels help catch the initial, most polluted inch of rain from your roof? Instead of running off into the stream, the water collects in the barrel and can be used to water plants and then filter through the soil. Plus, the barrels are originally used to transport olives. Drill a few holes in the sides and you’ve got yourself a recycled rain barrel. Mother nature FTW!

Outfit details: Sunglasses and shirt from U.O., dress from a local boutique, AsianCajuns name necklace, and my Birkinstocks.

My shirt kept stretching out throughout the day, so I had to re-knot it twice. Nevertheless, I’m still a fan of summer layering and will probably wear this outfit again before the summer is over.

It took forever to get Wheatie to look at the camera. Dogs aren’t great models – not enough focus. Wheatie is sporting his summer shave, which isn’t as cute as his full fur coat, but at least he’s cool in the never ending Atlanta heat.

I start my first graduate class a week from today. According to my calculations, if I take one class a semester, I’ll get my masters in public administration in about 10 years – ha! I might up it to two classes a semester if I can afford it in the spring.

Hope you all had a great start to the week! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this week will be better than last week. I know for a fact that next week will be great. How can I be so sure? Because next Thursday, Lar and I are attending this:

That’s right, the talented Current Elliott designers and the creative director of Kate Spade will be at the Lenox Bloomies Thursday, Aug. 25 from 5 to 8 p.m. Current Elliott and Kate Spade have joined forces to create Westward. I hope some of you locals can make it and hang out with us. Don’t forget to RSVP. Westward ho!