End of a Rut: Hello Lace Tights and Sparkle!

You guys are angels! I’m crediting you all for getting me out of my winter doldrums! After reading all your helpful suggestions of what you would do to stave off the layers of black I’ve been schlepping around the past couple months, I did it! Colorful tights! Accessories! Sparkle! I really had forgot I had a lot of this in my closet.

This might be less impressive to some, but Cath and I haven’t been shopping in over a month. The last time was at the Decatur Boutique sale. So I shopped in my closet for these two outfits. Above: dress is forever21, H&M Jacket, AA tights, boots from Cherry Bomb (local L5P boutique), necklace from Evolve Boutique (another local boutique by Emory).

Isn’t this necklace gorgeous?! I did buy this at the boutique sale last month from Evolve Boutique. It’s refabbed from an Indian sari. I love to think about the history of a reused piece. If a piece of fabric could talk, huh?

I love the rust color of these tights. I know AA isn’t cheap when it comes to their hosiery, but they are really soft and fairly durable.

Now I loooove these tights. They are lacy, but not itchy. I got them at Rockit boutique in Decatur, but they are by Look from London and sold online.

Everything else in this outfit is anywhere from one year to five years old.

So what do you have planned for the weekend? A little closet shopping? I think I might do more now that this week’s shopping “trip” was so successful. Thanks again for all your help with the fashion doldrums! This is just another lovely perk to blogging- fantastic advice from fellow fashionistas/os.

Alexander Wang Inspiration: 40-54°F

Photos: Style.com

I’m not super crazy about Alexander Wang’s velvety/goth look for the fall (see the complete collection here), but I do love the deconstructed suits and drape-y sweaters. Plus, there’s no denying the fact that Wang is probably one of the most popular/well-known designers of the moment. So in honor of all things fashion week(s), Wang’s show is the inspiration for our Outfit of the Week. . . this week. . .

Everything pictured below is under $100. Velvet might seem a bit heavy for the spring, but it’s still February, we did have snow IN ATLANTA less that two weeks ago, and the mornings can still be a little chilly. So, I think velvet is a perfectly appropriate material for Atlantans in February. Who’s with me? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Anna Sui Takes on Whistler

As part of the current Fashion Week hullabaloo, Anna Sui has collaborated with the Smithsonian to celebrate the Freer Gallery’s Peacock Room.

Did that sentence make any sense? I’m no art historian (like Lar), but I think I can break it down a little for you. Anna Sui = famous American fashion designer. Peacock Room = originally a dining room in London over a century ago painted by famous American painter James Whistler, now permanently displayed in its entirety at the Freer in D.C.

Photos found on Facebook.

Our parents use to take us to the Freer Gallery all the time when we were young and the Peacock Room was one of our favorite exhibits. The Freer features Asian art so it seems fitting that an Asian American designer would pay tribute to the gallery. All the proceeds from the shirt sales go towards the Smithsonian’s Freer and Sackler galleries to help further the appreciation of Asian art and culture.

Although the room is dark and gilded, there’s something very magical and uplifting about it. If you ever find yourself in D.C., I highly recommend that you stop by the gallery and take a look at the room. Since its a Smithsonian gallery entry is free – it doesn’t get much better than that!

h/t: Aunt Mare – our lovely aunt who works at the Smithsonian.

Le Fashion Doldrums

I know it’s fashion week, and beautiful, inspiring things are being shown daily, but I can’t get out of my personal winter fashion rut. If you’ve wondered why Cath and I haven’t posted many outfit photos in the past few weeks, it’s because we’ve been wearing clothes that make us look like black hole blobs: layers of dark sweaters and coats. And as a side note. Hotlanta, what happened to you? It’s frigid! There is no way I’m wearing cute tights and a skirt out in this weather unless I can fit it under my skinny jeans and oversized mumu sweaters.

So I tried to scare my fashion doldrums away this morning by pulling on some color: cream vest, coral silk blouse, gray skinnies. Ooo I like it! I feel positively galactic (in a big, colorful way) compared to what I’ve been wearing. I’ll probably slip back into a black hole tomorrow (still too cold!), but today I wanted a little morning-after-Mardis-Gras to peek through.

I also love this outfit because there is nary a piece from H&M: Shirt is thrifted, vest is from local boutique Rockit, Cheap Monday jeans from local boutique Bill Halman.

I plan to wear these pretty lovelies with dresses all spring and summer long. Get here already, Spring! (Shoes from Mango).

I don’t know if you can see the long, bronze tassel necklace I have on, but it’s yet another indie treasure (from the bf- le swoon- he has good taste, non?). Check out Snoozer Looser. I first heard about them from GBLYSS.

What do you guys do when you hit a fashion rut? And how do you conquer winter black hole layers? Should I just give in and move to the equator? Sun! Heat! Ahhh. daydreams absolutely worthy of a good toe wiggle.

Happy Chinese New Year!

What a great day. Chinese New Year AND Valentine’s all in one day.

This morning our family did what any self-respecting Chinese – or part Chinese – group would do on Chinese New Year. We headed over to Oriental Pearl for some dim sum – nom, nom, nom.

You all know AsicanCajuns.com isn’t a streetwear blog, but Lar got up the guts to ask this fashionable young gentleman if she could take his picture.

And his hat totally completes the look:

Even with the proper Chinese New Year garb, no celebration would be complete without a dragon dance.

When Lar and I were young, our family would take us to Chinatown in D.C. for Chinese New Year. This year is the first time we celebrated the holiday in Atlanta. At first I was skeptical because there isn’t any Chinatown in Atlanta, but there are the suburbs of Doraville and Chamblee AND there’s always Buford Highway!

All in all, one of the best Chinese New Years I’ve had.

Now on to the Valentine’s Day bit. Hope you all are having a great day!

Snow in Hotlanta! And We Still Wear Heels!

We’re not getting nearly as much as our home state of Maryland, but 2 inches is nearly equivalent to a blizzard for us in the dirty south. Yes, we are rather trepidatious of little bits of snow, but to be fair we don’t have any snow plows and very few sand trucks, and nobody here owns a Subaru.*

Cath jumping for joy in the snow. And being very practical by wearing wellies instead of heels.

Arty things. love arty things.

The bf looking very French- in a manly way.

“Rahhh, you snow! I’ll show you and wear heels! Muahahaha!”

My lovely heels in the snow. These patent H&M boots look very snow proof or at least water proof, don’t they? Not a bit. My feet are now soaked through to my socks and I was outside for all of 10 minutes.

What Daphne Guiness (yes, the heiress of that drink that is a meal itself) says of wearing 7-inch heels in the snow:

Absolutely. If you can permanently shorten your calf muscles and tendons, I’ve done it.

Happy weekend, readers! Hope you’re having a great start to the best love/hate holiday of the year!



*Cath has just informed me that many, many people in Decatur own Subarus. I think I’m just not a car person (I drive a beat up Chevy). Or maybe a Subaru just doesn’t look like a Sabaru when it’s out of its element (snow!).

Valentine’s Day Inspiration: 41-52ºF

I like Valentine’s Day regardless of whether or not I’m in a relationship and despite the fact that it’s nothing more than a greeting card holiday. However, I’m not big into wearing a lot of pink – especially when dressing up for the evening. So when I saw this outfit on Style.com I thought, “If I had all the money in the world, I would buy that outfit for Valentine’s Day.”

Well, I don’t have all the money in the world, but I do have a Polyvore account! This outfit is a little skimpy for the weather in Atlanta this week. I’d probably wear a coat – or two – over the jacket.

Valentine's Day

The Sideways Braid

My typical hair routine is pretty boring (and not as low maintenance as I would like). I wash my hair every other day. On the days I wash my hair, I blow dry it straight-ish – on rare occasions I’ll whip out the straight irons – and on the non-wash days I usually create a sally and pull it up into a pony tail or leave it down.

Last Friday, inspired by Alexandar Wang’s Spring RTW hairstyles, I decided to try something new: The Sideways Braid.

Side Note: Sorry for the crummy photos. Lar is out of town, snow-shoeing north of Seattle or something, and I can’t figure out how to work the remote control/timer thing-a-ma-gig on her fancy camera.

The inspiration:

Now looking at the Alexander Wang runway photos again, I should have swept my hair down the front a bit more – and found a hair piece or something that would have given me a longer braid. But it already took me 10 minutes to get the braid angled right so I’m glad I didn’t fiddle with it any more than I did.

Ultimately my casual Friday outfit consisted of Alexander Wang-ish hair and a very un-Alexander-Wang-ish outfit: American Apparel oxford button-up, H&M cardi and belt.

I have to admit that I’ll probably keep this hairstyle for the weekends instead of a work day. The side braid has a tendency to want to slip apart during the day so I found myself re-braiding in between meetings to make sure the look was pulled together enough.

PS: I found this blurb on the Huff Po about the popularity of the Alexander Wang braids. According to the runway show’s hairstylist, the braids are popular because they’re “attainable” by the, uh, average woman. Harumph. I guess I just proved that.

Au Revoir, Kaleidoscope!

Cath and I spent all Saturday morning at the Boutique Sale in Decatur. Tons of our favorite local boutiques participated: Jac*, Rockit, Evolve Boutique, Boogaloos and Squash Blossom. However, our main purpose for attending the Sale was so say farewell to one of our favorite Decatur boutiques, Kaleidoscope. Remember that post where we got to play dress up? That was all Kaleidoscope owner Camille’s doing.

We love you ladies, and are so sorry to see one of the best retailers in Decatur close up shop.

Cath and I will still continue to shop at our other favorite local boutiques as much as possible. We both left the sale with armloads of gorgeous things from Evolve and Rockit (a necklace made from a sari, and a gorgeous leather belt— we’ll show them soon!). Still, I always feel a little helpless when one of our independent retailers shut down.

Do you guys try to support your local boutiques? Have independent shops/restaurants been hit hard in your city?

*We just heard that Jac is also closing its doors, but they will still sell items online. Huzzah!