Week 2 Loves

Welcome to our first ever link love post. There are so many great treasures out there in the blogging world that Lar and I figured it was about time to start up our own weekly link lists. So here goes!

I suspect that Lar and I have been living under a rock the past month because today is the first time I discovered the Atlanta Creatives Project 2010 calendar. The exhibition that coincided with the project was early November (boohoo), but the calendars are still available for purchase (woohoo!).

  • A big thank you to Ash over at Hiking in Stilettos for thinking we’re so talented.
  • Refinery 29 does a very fine job of showing blogosphere’s coverage of today’s Moschino It belt.
  • After schleping around the Northeast in frigid weather I’ve done some serious thinking on proper winter coats. La Mimi has a great run-down of the season’s must-haves. I’m personally loving the Michael Kors quilted version.
  • Dolci Odille shares some of their creative brilliance in a couple of New Years DIY projects.
  • Sal over at Already Pretty makes a great etsy find. I really want the origami pocket gray blazer.
  • NubbyTwiglet’s Week in Pictures makes us yearn for matching Forever 21 jeans, mall food and gold chocolate coins.
  • B* a la Moda has a great steal-from-your-bfs-closet tutorial complete with photos and video (thank god for her subtitles – my Spanish es está es muy mal!).

Hooray for Scoutmob Atlanta!

A couple of days ago, Lar and I received an email about the soon-to-be-launched Scoutmob, “a curious guide to mobile deals for the Atlanta explorer.” Well, we love curious guides, we own mobiles AND consider ourselves Atlanta explorers (see?), so what’s not to love?

Scoutmob launches tomorrow (that’s Wednesday, which is in about an hour – eek!) for us Atlantans. All you have to do is enter your email here or download the free iphone app and you’ll get daily local deals sent to your phone. There’s also a promise of upcoming Scoutmob events and happenings so we’ll keep you posted.

40º-50ºF (5-10º C) for the ATL

Cath and I stumbled upon the Feather Report earlier this week. It gives New Yorkers daily inspiration of what to wear as dictated by that day’s weather report. It’s a fashion blog meets weather.com. Genius! The only problem is that Atlanta is a bit south of NYC. We figured we are already jealous enough of our northern neighbors (Uniqlo, when will you show some love in the South?), and it was time to do something about it.

So welcome to the AsianCajuns’ new weekly post “Outfit of the Week.” Each Sunday afternoon/evening we will attempt to keep you inspired with what to wear in the Southeast according to what the weather will be like for the week. We do realize that many of our readers are not in the Southeast or even the United States- please don’t feel excluded! Cath and I will include the degrees in fahrenheit and celsius in the post titles, so you can search our weather-dictated outfits any time of the year depending on which hemisphere or latitude you are in.

We also want to make these outfits at least somewhat attainable to readers. Most of the pieces we choose will be under $100. If there is a designer piece we absolutely love, we’ll include it, but keep the thousand dollar baubles to a minimum.

Let us know what you think! We love to hear feedback from our lovely readers the world over!

This week’s picks are inspired by the movie “The Brothers Bloom” from 2008. Cath, my bf and I watched it for the first time the other night and fell in love with the art direction and costume design.

We were especially smitten by Rinko Kikuchi’s style (and personally I think she steals the show, even though she only has about three lines the entire movie).

*click photos for source*

Weekend Frills

Just a quick little outfit post for your Saturday afternoon/evening! This year I’ve resolved to 1) be more creative with layering and 2) actually use what’s in my closet. With that in mind I pulled on some ole leggings (which I use as tights during the frigid winter months), an AA mini skirt (hardly risque at all when paired with opaque leggings), Tarjay boots from five years ago (they are my old stand-bys), a thrifted ruffle blouse ($3 at Goodwill!), an H&M blazer and scarf, and my $1.60 Bottega Veneta bag (at some point I promise to stop being tacky and take off the “$1.60” before I utter the words “Bottega Veneta”).

I was actually looking for an over-the-top ruffly blouse at Goodwill, but found this demure beauty instead. I’m also wearing my grandmother’s (costume jewelry) “pearl” choker and my favorite pair of earrings that I bought for two euros when I studied in Spain years ago.

Happy weekend, Everyone!



p.s. If you are wondering about the weirdness of what’s going on with my hair. it’s called a Sally. My personal hair style includes this weird little (sometimes big) bump that I do at the front of my hair. For some reason I can’t do bangs (like Cath) or a sweeping side part, but I can do bumps (or “Sallys” as one of my friend’s calls it- no idea why). Sally got a little smushed under my hat the day I took these pics, so you see what she looks like after she’s had one too many and can no longer stand up straight.

Atlanta Goods


As Lar mentioned here, I spent the past week freezing my butt off and having fun in the Northeast (Pennsylvania, New Jersey and NYC to be exact). New York was especially brutal. Thank goodness my cousin let me borrow her coat. My whimpy, good-enough-for-Atlanta-winter wool coat just didn’t cut it in 30mph winds.

Outfit details: Genn’s Gap coat (thanks Genn!), scarf was a gift from Italy, faux Channel bag from Baghaus and Lar’s Frye boots (thanks Lar!).

I was really looking forward to the warmer weather back home only to find out that it’s been equally as cold down south all week. It’s snowing in ATL at the moment, which just doesn’t seem right. To get my mind off this dreary, cold weather, I’ll focus on a couple of things that make me happy to be back home:

This Friday, Esperanza is hosting a showing of Eddie Murphy’s stand-up comedy movie Delirious. Tickets get you into the movie AND the open bar at Midtown Art Cinema (behind Trader Joe’s). While Lar and I aren’t huge Eddie Murphy fans, we are huge Esperanza fans – they support the Atlanta Zoo for goodness sakes!


Next month at Jeffrey Atlanta, Amy Flurry and Nikki Salk’s paper headpieces are going on display. I first heard about this on Refinery 29 and today it was featured Atlanta’s Daily Candy today. I can’t wait to go check it out. Jeffrey Atlanta is waaaay out of my price range, so Lar and I usually don’t venture over there, but I think this Paper Cut Project is about to change all that.




Photos courtesy of Refinery 29. Pretty nifty, no?

So all in all, despite the nasty weather, it’s great to be back home. I’d show you more outfit pics from my trip, but they all consist of this same coat, scarf and hat:

H&M hat and coat.

Faux Fur


Cath and I have favored fake fur for a few years: a couple of hats, an awesome blanket Cath got me for Christmas two years ago, etc. We try to stay away from real fur as much as we can- even if it’s vintage I can’t bring myself to put it on. Our grandmother’s mink coat has spooked me since my mom inherited it many moons ago.

Here is a showing of our more recently acquired fauxfur love:



Cath and I both bought this hat last year at H&M. It has become a winter closet staple for both of us. I think it’s faux red fox, and wonderfully warm. These photos of Cath are by her bf Troy Cono.




Cath made me this fauxfur vest for Christmas. Isn’t it marvelous?! I’ve already worn it about five times in the past two weeks. I think it’s my favorite thing in my entire closet. She got the idea from DIY queen Maegan– see how it’s done here. (Anyone spot the $1.60 Bottega Veneta bag? I still wiggle my toes in happiness every time I look at the thing).


This was a belated Christmas present to myself (one of many– ah cha cha!). Mango was having a great sale post-Christmas and I’d been eying faux leopard for about four months now. I’m so glad I was self-centered caved and bought it! It’s the softest, most delicious-feeling thing I own. I kind of feel like a plush teddy bear in it (it’s quite bulky which is not too friendly on my petite frame), but I love it and never want to take it off. I’ve contemplated sleeping in it a number of times. We’ll see if I give in. Sound awesome? Get it here– it’s still about 50% off!

How do you guys feel about faux fur? To me it’s like diamonds. I have an uber-untrained eye so I can’t really tell the difference between a lot of real fur and fake fur. Someone could show me a sparkly piece of plastic and a diamond and I would go for the plastic. And I care about as much about real gemstones as I do about looking a bit cheesy in fake fur. I also feel better not wearing a cuddly animal on my body just to look chic (I’m okay with the killing of venomous spiders and cockroaches, but not most animals). What say you on the matter?

p.s. Thank you for all the sweet feedback on the 2009 Recap post! We’re hoping to rock your socks off this year with even better outfitage!

AsianCajun Year in Review


Happy 2010, wonderful readers!!! We hope you had a wonderful New Year’s and are relaxing this first weekend of the new year.

I had a fairly low-key New Year’s (herring and salmon with the ‘rents and drinks with friends), while Cath left me for Philly/NYC- sniff, sniff- our first New Year’s apart. (Hope you are having a lovely time in NYC today, Cath. Remember your dearest, sweetest sister when you step into Uniqlo!).

I thought a good way to start the year would be to review a year of AsianCajun outfits. I really hope this isn’t too much fashion navel-gazing for you all. I am actually doing this for selfish reasons. I like using this blog as a style tool when I can. And even though I’ve rounded the bend of my mid-twenties, I’m still trying to figure out my style. I think Cath (on the left of all the photos) has a very classic and elegant, but fresh style. Mine is still a bit of a mish-mosh. I foresee myself saying the same thing at 40.



Cath does animal print way before I ventured there with my Rodarte dress.




This is actually one of my favorite outfits of the year (right). And shivering at the gusty 20 degree winds outside, I can’t wait for our balmier Georgia winter weather- I’m not even wearing a jacket and it’s February! Hoorahh, Deep South!




Cath looking chic and Chanel-y. Me looking trendy, trendy. I’m going to try to pry my figures off trends this year a bit more. Note to self, baggy, ripped-up tees only work on some.




Both Cath and I are dressed a bit more girlie and soft here for Easter. I should stop shying away from pastels.




Pencil skirts unite! Cath wore this to work, and I wore my outfit to a concert.




Again, Cath is so chic! I’m seriously going to start raiding her closet. As for my relaxed summer look: I think I’m over cut-offs for the year. I’ll probably have to eat these words come summer 2010.




Ahhh summer tans. feels like so many shades ago.




Cath and I are both partial to hats in the southern summer heat.




Two of our favorite pair of shoes this year: Cath’s booties are Alice & Olivia from Payless and mine are F21 ($14)!




I love this black and white look on Cath. I’m wearing practically the same thing, but with a (huge) dash of military red.




Lovely layers. Cath was inspired by J.Crew and I was inspired by Swedish bloggers. I figure they would know how to dress in frigid weather.




Quirky scarf-wearers. These photos remind me to be more creative with my accessorizing this year. Resolution #57.

What was your own favorite look from 2009? Are you ready for leggings to roll over and die? How about faux fur coats (please say no- I just bought a faux leopard that I’ll show you in an upcoming post)? Done with over-the-knee boots? Platforms? Black leather and studs? Bodycon dresses? Shoulder pads? Alexander Wang and Balmain? Lady Gaga (never!)? Vampires? The recession? Prop #8? It’s a free-for-all. Let’s hear it!