Oh My Gaga! Lady Gaga for American Vogue

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Apologies if 1) you’ve already spied these Lady Gaga/Annie Leibovitz wonders in the December American Vogue and/or 2) you are sick of hearing me ramble on about Lady Gaga. I think it’s turned into a little (teeny, baby) obsession. 

I’m usually more of an indie rock girl than anything else, but I can’t stop watching for her next outfit and listening to her latest release. You know how everyone dressed as Lady Gaga for Halloween this year (including yours truly)? Well, I did it not because I thought it was a good excuse to wear a leotard out in public or to see what I looked like blond, but because I truly think she is kind of awesome. 

I like her because she’s not a hypocrite (former pop princesses that sold sex appeal more than musical talent, and stressed “saving yourself” for marriage always left me scratching my head), she’s not into being catty towards other women, and she is a huge champion of gay rights. Oh yeah, and she can sing and she pushes the boundaries of fashion and wearable art. 

 I think I feel kind of bashful whenever I listen to too much pop music, but when it’s good, it’s good- right? Are you guys gaga for Gaga like moi?

Casual Friday Inspired by J.Crew


I’ve finally gotten around to getting out my winter clothes only to find that I don’t have as much as I thought I did. Compound that with the fact that I’m not spending any money on clothes so I can save for holiday gift-buying and my winter fashion is looking pretty bleak.


I was pretty desperate for some inspiration this morning so I turned the the November J.Crew. I’ve mentioned a few times before on this blog that I find J.Crew a little conservative for my taste, but it’s loosened up a bit (thanks I suppose to Jenna) and conservative isn’t a bad thing when it comes to dressing for work.

So I took a couple of looks from the catalog and tried to work with what I had.


I think all I’m really missing is layers of jewelry (which seemed a bit too much for work). Now if only I could get myself a couple of those J.Crew cashmere sweaters, leather purses and satin skinny belts and I’ll be set for the winter.


Mom’s beret, American Apparel button-up, Gap shirt, Cheap Monday jeans and Nine West boots (all purchased last year or before).

Anyone else trying to hold off buying clothes this season?

P.S.: Why are all the radio stations playing Death Cab’s “Cath” all the sudden? I love it! I’ve always wanted a name song.

On Red Ankle Boots


Apologies for the pretentious title, I just couldn’t help myself because this really is kind of a study on red ankle boots. Suede, red ankle boots from Newport News a couple years ago, to be exact. We thought that since our Puffy Sleeve study went so well, that you, dear reader, would like to see how we style the same shoe differently.


We both wore these boots to work on the same day last week. Guess who works for the government and guess who is a graphic designer.


Ding, ding, ding! You’re right (that’s me on the left)! I work in a slightly more conservative office than Lar, so trousers and a knitted turtleneck helped downplay the out-there-ness of the shoes. Lar, on the other hand, played them up with a graphic tee, leggings and relaxed blazer/coat.


I’m wearing an Old Navy knitted turtleneck and Alexander McQueen for Target pleated trousers. I love these trousers – not just because I can almost believe that McQueen himself had some hand in the design, but also because I feel like Katherine Hepburn in them.


Lar is wearing an U.O. tshirt, AA leggings and a boyfriend blazer from this awesome Etsy seller.

Thanks for all of your well-wishes everyone! Your comments always make us feel sooo much better.

Yoko and Gaga


Hi Lovely Readers!

We apologize if there are a few days between posts this week. Cath and I (and my bf) are all struggling through the flu, so we’re moving a little more slowly. We hope a few more Halloween photos keep you entertained!

Cath and her bf went as Yoko and John. My bf and I went as Lady Gaga and. the Dread Pirate Roberts. Not exactly a couple, but I think their natural flamboyance (pirate boots, shirts, mustaches!) draws them together.

We also found a connection between Gaga and Yoko. After Lady Gaga performed Imagine a few weeks ago (see the performance here), Yoko called Gaga and told her how choked up she got watching the performance, and Lady Gaga said that Yoko was one of her idols. Awesome, non?!



Yoko’s Costume: Lar’s hat, Asos sunnies, H&M sweater, AA skirt, thrifted boots. Wig from Party City.




Lady Gaga’s Costume: AA leotard and metallic bandeau, belt from Asos via Anywhere But Here, River Island nude fishnets, Jeffrey Campbell thigh-highs, wig, lashes, gloves from local costume shops.

Cath and I only had to buy wigs and a few make-up items to create our costumes. I hate spending a lot of money on Halloween, but I love to dress up (not obvious, is it?). I decided to go as a pantsless Gaga because I was at house parties most of the night. I don’t think I would have been gutsy enough to wear this ensemble in public. maybe I need to channel my inner Gaga more often.  

Thanks for all the sweet comments in the post below! For those of you curious about the rotating image of me as Lady Gaga in the previous post, I made an animated .gif in Photoshop. This guy gives a great tutorial here.

Hope you wonderful people are having a great week and are flu-free!


Lar (i.e. Lady LALA)

Sneak Peak



We hope you guys had an awesome Halloween last night! This is just a little preview of our Gaga and Yoko costumes. Let us know what you think!


ps- Cath didn’t get as photo crazy as I did (hence the moving Lady Gaga graphics), but there are some great shots of her with “John Lennon” that you’ll love!